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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1913

Antioch News6 March 1913
Jane Armour returned from Scotland last week.

John and James Levoy are very sick with scarlet fever.

A. E. Jack of Antioch township has moved on to the Wineckie Place.

Willis Webb moved from Rosecrans to the Rose farm north of Millburn.

Gordon Wells of Antioch visited at the home of Ernest Wells last week.

The C. E. society will give their home talent entertainment, March 14.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Preston and family moved Monday to a farm west of Loon Lake.

The Dodge school is closed and the Sunday school will be closed until further notice.

Antioch News13 March 1913
We are glad to note that the Levoy children are better.

The Dawson family are entertaining company from Ohio.

Miss Carrie Irving of S. Dakota is visiting her parents here.

The C. E. Society will give a home talent entertainment March 14.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White are expected home from Florida soon.

Miss Alice Jamieson of Berwyn, Ill., spent a few days with her parents here.

Antioch News20 March 1913
Having sold our farm to close out matters will offer for sale on the W. J. White farm, 1/4 mile north of Millburn on
Friday, March 21.
Commencing at one o'clock Sharp, the following property to-wit:
One springer, 1 new milker, 2 good Holstien springers, 5 Holstien heifers, 3 young heifers, 4 brood sows, soon to farrow; 1 1-year old boar, 5 Ewes, 30 Buff Rock chickens, 20 Plymouth Rock, chickens, Double buggy, single buggy, wagon, cutter, set bob sleigh, set light sleigh, set sleigh runners, stubble plow, sod plow, 1 set dray, 1 2-horse cultivator, 1 disc harrow, double wagon box, set hearse harness, buggy, harness set surry harness, wheel barrow one horse heavy harness, extension ladder, corn sheller, set dump planks, 200 fence posts, 100 bushels seed oats, 100 bushels ear corn, hay in barn, stack cornstalks, seed corn, potatoes, Pilgrim Garland, 6 hole cast iron cook stove, new. Household goods and many other articles too numerous too mention. Usual terms.
W. J. and Ernest White, Prop.
Edgar Ames Auctioneer.
George White, Clerk.

The top of the morning to ye.

Mrs. Adams of Chicago Lawn visited relatives here the past week.

W. B. Stewart and wife and W. J. White and wife returned home Friday.

The Levoy children are very much better, the nurse returning to Chicago Friday.

There will be no Easter entertainment on account of the scarlet fever in the vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton and sons of Wheaton, Ill., visited over Sunday at the parsonage.

Mary Pedersen and Peder Tuff of Hickory were married Friday, March 14, at the parsonage.

W. J. White having sold his farm will have a sale this week. Earnest White will leave for Montana next Week.

Announcement of the marriage of Miss Carrie Irving and Fletcher Shirley of South Dakota took place Wednesday, March 19.

Antioch News27 March 1913
Wm McGuire spent several day in Chicago and Waukegan.

Geo. White spent over Sunday with friends in Rochester, Wis.

Mrs. A. K. Bain and Dorothy are visiting in Evanston this week.

Miss Bertha White of Lake Villa spent Easter with the home folks.

Ernest White sold his deers to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago Monday.

Millburn Ladies Aid society will meet at the church Thursday, April 3. Dinner will be served.

Ernest White left Tuesday for Montana. Mrs. White and baby will remain with the home folks for sometime.

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