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Newspaper Clippings for
March, 1912

Antioch News7 March 1912
Mrs. Bater is still very ill.

Willis Webb moved to Rosecrans this week.

Catherine McCann is threatened with appendicitis.

Messers Bain and Thom left Tuesday for the state of Oregon.

Miss M. Cannon left this week for Mt. Carroll, Ill., to attend school.

Several from here attended the funeral of Nathum Lamb of Warren.

Miss Gilbert sprained her ankle and did not teach school the past week.

Chas. Lewin of Waukegan has bought the Menzo Webb farm and will move on soon.

Miss Lizzie Stewart of Gurnee spent a few days with her sister, Miss Agnes Bonner. 1912/4/4
Having decided to decontinue dairying, I will sell at public auction at my farm, 1 1/2 miles south of Millburn, on Friday April 12. Commencing at 1 o'clock sharp the following property towit;
20 head of choice young cows, all raised on my farm, in all stags of milk, yearling Holstein bull, gray horse 5 yrs. old wt. 1300 lbs., 400 bu. ear corn, 400 bu. oats clean free from foul seed, suitable for seed, also several tons of hay. Usual terms.
W. A. Bonner, Prop.
Geo. Vogel, Auctioneer.

The ladies Aid met Thursday and served a lenton supper.

Miss Vida Jamison spent the week end with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. White have taken up their residence in Millburn again.

Mr. Joseph Mathews returned home from Pontiac this week where she has spent the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart returned from California Friday where they have spent the winter.

Miss Helen Safford of Wheaton, Ill., is spending the spring vacation with the home folks.

Messers W. G. Thom and A. K. Bain returned home Friday from there Western trip, very much pleased with the country.

There will be an Easter entertainment given by the Sunday school, Easter Sunday morning, April 7th. Everybody come.

Mr. J. S. Denman returned home Tuesday from Chicago where he has been for the past two weeks in the German American Hospital. It will be some time before he is able to work.

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