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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1912

Antioch News1 February 1912
Lake Villa Citizens Will Ask Board to Grant Petition
Some of the leading citizens of Lake Villa are circulating a petition for the organization of a new township in this County to be known as the "Town of Lake Villa." It will include thirteen sections in Antioch township, twelve sections in Avon and one section in Grant. It contains the south two miles of East Antioch, the north two miles of Avon and the extreme northeast section of Grant. It will embrace only one incorporated village, namely, Lake Villa. Reports have been circulated that it was to include the village of Fox Lake, but this information in incorrect.
The citizens of Lake Villa believe that they deserve a township in and around this village as for a great many years they have had to travel about six miles in order to vote at a township election. One of the most important effects of the organization of this township will be the building of good roads from the village of Lake Villa to the town line of Warren, thus giving the people of the lake shore a good automobile road from Waukegan to the entire lake region.
The petition has already been signed by four-fifths of the voters of the district involved, whereas only three-fourths is necessary. This petition will be presented at the March meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

There will be a home talent entertainment at the Millburn Congregational church on Friday evening, Feb. 9. Admission 25 and 15 cents.

The Missionary meeting with Mrs. Bater Wednesday.

The C. E. society will give a home talent play Feb. 9.

Mrs. J. A. Thain is in the Waukegan hospital for an operation.

Geo. Anderson of Lake Forest transacted business here Friday.

Geo. Miller and daughter Vera were Chicago visitors Saturday.

Mrs. C. E. Denman spent a few days at home returning to Chicago Saturday.

A. K. Bain and E. A. Martin were Chicago visitors Tuesday and Wednesday.

Messrs. C. E. Denman, Geo. Jamieson and Guy Hughes are on jury this week.

J. S. Denman is still in a critical condition at the German- American hospital in Chicago.

Miss Carrie Irving and neices Helen and Lucile Trotter returned to South Dakota Tuesday.

Geo. White and sister Bertha spent Tuesday in Chicago at the German-American hospital with J. S. Denman.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular monthly meeting Feb. 8, at the church. Dinner served by Mrs. Bain and Miss Bonner.

Antioch News8 February 1912
Catherine Amelia Sheehan was born near Millburn, Ill., July 5, 1859, and died in Waukegan, Ill., Jan. 15, 1912, of typhoid fever. She was the eldest daughter of Daniel and Betsy Sheehan, one of a family of seven children, growing to womanhood in the community in which she was born.
She was married to Goodsel T. Gail, April 8, 1877, three children being born to them, two daughters and one son. One daughter died Aug. 19, 1901.
Those left to mourn her loss are her husband, son Lockwood, and daughter, Mrs. Jay Kay, and three grand children, and aged mother, two brothers and two sisters, William and Eugene Sheehan, and Mrs. Roy Fairman of Lake Villa, and Mrs. F. A. Hutchinson of Grays Lake.
She was a loving wife and devoted mother. Of her can be truly said that no service was too great to render and no sacrifice to great to make for those she loved, and hosts of friends will ever cherish the memory of her who was ever ready to lend a helping hand to those in distress.
The funeral was held Thursday morning at nine o'clock from the church of the Immaculate Conception and burial at Mill Creek beside her daughter. A firm believer in the Catholic religion, she took her faith with her into eternity. May her soul rest in peace.

The C. E. society give their play Friday evening, Feb. 9.

D. M. White and Miss Bertha were Chicago visitors the past week.

Miss Lewis of Russell visited with Miss Bater Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Jamieson visited his brother-in-law at Wilmington, Ill., last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McGuire and son spent Thursday with J. S. Denman in Chicago.

Messrs. Leslie and Mortimer Cannon spent Wednesday with their mother at Elgin.

George White has been sick with tonsilitis the past week, but at present writing is better.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Griffith of Waukegan visited William McGuire and relatives here the fore part of the week.

Antioch News15 February 1912
A. H. Stewart spent several days in Chicago.

Mrs. R. L. Hughes of Chicago visited her mother the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman, Earl and George White were Chicago visitors recently.

Miss Coral Hucker of Lake Villa visited several days with friends in this vicinity.

Mrs. Jessie Thom attended the funeral of her cousin in Chicago Wednesday.

Miss Belle Hughes and Mrs. W. J. White attended the entertainment Friday evening.

The many friends of Jesse Denman gave him a postal shower at the hospital last week. He received about one hundred cards.

Jack Armour was seriously injured last Tuesday when a tree fell and caught him on the head, fracturing his skull and injuring one eye quite badly.

Antioch News22 February 1912
Lee Strang, son of Undertaker Geo. Strang, has bought the White Undertaking establishment at Antioch and will take posession as soon as conditions will permit. Mr. Strang and his wife left Friday for Southerland, Iowa, where they will remain until Mr. Strang takes posession of his newly acquired business. --Grayslake Times.

Vene Neil fell on the ice and sprained his ankle

Many from this vicinity attended the farmers institute.

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thom were Chicago visitors Tuesday.

Arthur Nelson is in a Chicago hospital. Dr. Jamison took him in Friday.

Mrs. Marjorie Cannon of Mt. Carroll College, Mt. Carroll, Illinois, is home for a week.

Ed. Dodge of Rochester, Wisconsin, is visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity this week.

Mrs. Wm. Neil died at her home near Millburn Sunday evening. The funeral was held Wednesday at the house and interment in Millburn cemetery.

Antioch News29 February 1912
The entertainment by Sidney Landon was fine.

Miss Foote returned from Wheaton, Ill., this week.

W. J. White will soon move to Millburn from Antioch.

Several of the Schools closed Monday on account of the storm.

Mrs. Alex Hughes is visiting her parents at Urbana this week.

Eugene Clark will move this week to his new farm west of Millburn.

Dr. Jamison has been sick for the past week but is some better at present writing.

Menzo Webb has rented the Trotter farm vacated by E. Clark and move this week.

Mrs. Lizzie Stewart of Gurnee visited relatives in this vicinity Sunday and Monday.

The Millburn Ladies Aid society will meet at the church Thursday, March 7th. Dinner will be served by Miss Foote and Mrs. Safford.

Mrs. Nillie Bater Cannon died February 24., wife of N. E. Cannon, funeral Wednesday, March 28th., from the church, interment at Millburn cemetary.

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