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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1909

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 3 August 1909
The Ladies' Aid society will serve ice cream and cake Thursday afternoon, August 12. Members bring cake.

The Misses Grace and Helen Robertson, of Williams Iowa, spent a week with their cousin, Mrs. A. K. Bain.

Miss Alice Jamison, of Chicago, visited Saturday and Sunday with her parents.

Lawyer Fisher and family, of Kenosha, came in their automobile Sunday and visited J. A. Thain and Mrs. Scott LeVoy. Miss Vinnie Jamison accompanied them and spent the day with her parents.

Messers. Vose and Mason of Evanston, transacted business and called on old friends last Wednesday.

Mrs. A. K. Bain and Dorothy are visiting in Evanston and also the Misses Robertson.

Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton and son, of Wheaton, Ill., returned home Monday. Mrs. Wheaton has been visiting her parents the past week.

Job Cutler, of Zion City, visited his sister, Miss Mildred, at the home of Mrs. W. G. McGuire.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Denman, of Highland Park, visited Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gerrity returned to Union Grove. George is able to resume work again.

Mrs. Mavor, of Chicago, visited from Saturday until Monday with her parents.

Miss Bertha White is spending a few weeks with H. D. Hughes on their camping tour in Hartland, Wis.

The many friends of Ernest White will be glad to know that he is able to be around again.

The Ladies' Missionary society realized about $60. A large number of visitors from Lake Villa, Antioch and Grayslake were in attendance.

Wm. Bonner and Miss Ethel McGuire were Russell visitors Sunday.

Ross Stewart and little daughter and Mrs. Galbreth, baby and grandma, from Chicago, are visiting with A. H. Stewart for a few weeks.

Miss Winifred McGinty, of Chicago, is spending her vacation with her sister, Mrs. Foster.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 23 August 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Safford of Chicago spent a few days of their vacation with their parents at the parsonage.

Ross Stewart, of Chicago, spent Saturday and Sunday with his father and little daughter.

Mrs. Cora Anderson and children returned to Iola, Kansas,, last Tuesday. Her sister, Mrs. W. B. Stewart accompanied her as far as Chicago.

Miss Mildred Cutler, of Zion City, returned to her home last Friday.

Miss Robertson, who has been visiting Mrs. A. K. Bain the past week returned to Evanston.

Mrs. Heitman nee Ruddle and daughter formerly of Millburn visited several days with Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower.

Mrs. Libbie Paddgett and daughter, of Charleston, Ill., are visiting the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Humphry, of St. Paul, Minn, and niece, Mrs. Safford left Friday for Wheaton, Ill., to visit Mrs. Ralph Wheaton.

Miss Lura Gilbert, of Fort Hill, is visiting her aunt and uncle, Agnes and Will Bonner.

Ed Martin and A. K. Bain transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Miller were Chicago visitors Monday.

Mrs. Clarence Bonner spent the past week with relatives and Mr. Bonner visited here over Sunday.

Mrs. Nettie Bowden and four children, of Washington, D. C., having visited the last three weeks with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Denman returned to Highland Park for a short visit before returning home.

Mrs. C. E. Denman spent Tuesday at Highland Park.

The Ladies' Aid Society cleared a nice sum from the sale of ice cream and cake last Thursday.

C. E topic "Two Prayer Lessons". Mabel Bonner, leader.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adams and daughter, Bae, of Chicago Lawn, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. Pantall.

Mrs. J. M. Strang returned home the first of last week from the hospital in Chicago. Mrs. Strang may have to have another operation.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 24 August 1909
Ninian H. Welch, Born at Rosecrans in Lake County,
Given Sketch
Lake County Man Who Went to Chicago After Teaching Country School and Studied Law is Climbing Up Ladder and May Succeed to Congressman William Lorimer's Seat as Representative.
If the Republicans of the Sixth Congressional district nominate Ninian H. Welch for Congress, and if the voters of the district elect him to the place vacated by Senator William Lorimer, Chicago will have a representative at Washington who, at any time, at the drop of the hat or quicker, can answer almost any question, or deliver a discourse, bearing on the history of Chicago, says the Chicago Evening Post.
This assistant judge of the Probate court, although not a native of the city, has shown a deep interest in Chicago's origin and growth, studying and investigating everything bearing on that subject. Today he is recognized as an authority on all matters pertaining to the early history of Chicago and frequently is called on by club and societies to talk to their members on this subject.
Early Entry in the Race.
Mr. Welch is a resident of the Thirteenth ward, and has been identified actively with the Republican organization there. His friends entered him in the congressional race the moment they learned Mr. Lorimer had been elected to the senate, and they have been at work quietly in his interest ever since. They report having received much encouragement in their preliminary campaign and believe the prospects of success are bright.
Their candidate was a New Year gift to his parents. He was born on January 1, 1873, on a farm near Russell, and as that locality practically is a suburb of Chicago, he might almost be called a native. He has had the same experience as many other young lawyers, in that he attended country school, then prepared himself for teaching and taught for several years finally taking up the study of the law and being admitted to practice.
Has Received Three Degrees.
He attended the normal school at Valparaiso, Ind. and later went to Wheaton College, where he was graduated after a four year course. Continuing his education further he attended Beloit college for one year was graduated from Lake Forest college in 1899, and from the Kent College of Law in 1902. He is entitled to write after his name the letters B.S., M. A., LL D, but refrains from so doing.
Mr. Welch's reputation as an orator is such he was called on by the Republican national committee last year to make a number of speeches in the middle west for the national ticket. He was appointed an assistant to Probate Judge Cutting on Dec. 3, 1906. He was married a year ago last June, and his residence is at 194 West Adams street.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 28 August 1909
Mrs. Josephine Mathews entertained Mrs. Hamming recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Adams returned to Chicago Lawn last Tuesday.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tower is visiting Mrs. Hertman and Mrs. Dipper in Chicago for a few weeks.

The many friends in this vicinity of Miss K. L. Smith, of Waukegan, will be glad to hear that the last report of Miss Smith was, she was getting better.

Miss Vera Metcalf, of Gurnee, visited several days with Miss Edith Van Alstine.

Miss Hazel Brazee, of Kenosha, came Tuesday to visit her aunt, Mrs. C. A. Mathews.

Richard Thain, of Oak Park, and Rev. Alex. R. Thain, of Canton, Ill., visited their nephews and other relatives for a few days. A. R. Thain preached the morning sermon.

Miss Vivian Bonner visited friends in Chicago from Saturday until Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jamieson returned from Berwyn last Friday accompanied by a son of Mr. Tukey.

Miss Bell Pope, of Winnetka, Ill., spent some time with Miss Bater.

Mrs. Galbreth and little grand-daughter Florence Stewart, returned home to Chicago last Saturday, having spent some time with A. H. Stewart.

Several teachers of this vicinity attended the teacher's institute this week in Waukegan.

Mrs. Libbie Paddgett and daughter, and Miss Jessie Jamison leave for their home in Charleston, Ill., this week.

Mrs. McGuire, Miss M. White and J. S. Denman spent Sunday at Highland Park.

Wm. McGuire & Son lost a valuable horse this week from lockjaw.

Mrs. C. E. Denman and son, Schuyler were Chicago visitors this week.

C. E. Topic: Aug. 29, Home Missions, Our Cosmopolitan Population. Annie McCredie, leader.

There will be a C. E. social held at the church Friday evening, Aug. 27. Ice cream will be sold.

The Hockaday school will open Sept. 6 with Miss Clara Nelson as teacher.

Miss Gladys Gail, of Highland Park, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Menzo Webb.

The Millburn Creamery buildings will be sold at auction Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 2 p.m.

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