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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1904

Antioch News7 January 1904
Mabel Adams is visiting at Mrs. Pantalls.

Misses Gussie and Hazel Thain departed Monday for school in Wisconsin.

Mr. Robert Strang is sick at the home of his daughter Mrs. Mavor.

Miss Jessie Jamieson, Mrs. Elmer Cannon and Mrs. J. H. Bonner are on the sick list.

Miss Una Minto spent the holiday vacation at home. She is attending school in Beloit, Wis.

Mrs. F. T. Lee and son Harold went to Evanston Saturday evening. Harold will remain to attend school.

C. E. topic, Jan. 10-What are some tests of repentence? Alice Dodge leader.

A large number of the young people of Millburn attended the watch meeting given by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennedy near Hickory and a jolly good time was reported by all.

Mrs. Yule came home from Waukegan Friday where she has been staying with her daughter. She expects to go back next week and will perhaps stay the remainder of the winter.

A very pleasant surprise was given by the South Side Telephone company of Millburn to A. H. Stewart, Thursday evening Dec. 31, between thirty and forty friends were present. The evening was spent socially and in playing pit and flinch. A fine repast was served, after which all wished each other a "Happy New Year" and then departed for their several homes each and all declaring they had spent a most enjoyable time.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 9 January 1904
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stewart of Chicago, were visitors at Mrs. Smith's from New Years until Monday.

Meetings are being held every day this week in the church.

Mrs. Lee is in Evanston for a week or two.

Scott Levoy returned from the west last week.

Misses Gussie and Hazel Thain started Monday morning for Mt. Carroll, Ill., where they will attend school.

Mrs. Yule has returned from Waukegan after a two months visit.

Mrs. Spafford has gone to Waukegan to visit Mrs. Wm. Mitchell.

Alfred Spafford is teaching the Hockaday school this winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cannon and their son Louis and wife, have moved to Oklahoma.

Victor Strang went back to Rochester Monday to continue his studies.

The C. E. society will give an oyster supper next Tuesday evening.

The Masons held their installation of officers and supper Thursday evening Jan. 7th.

Mrs. Elmer Cannon has been sick the last few days.

Mabel Adams went home Monday, Mrs. Mathews returned to Kenosha January first.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 12 January 1904
Miss Gussie and Hazel Thain went Monday to school in Wisconsin.

Miss Mabelle Adams is visiting at Mrs. R. Pantall's.

Mr. and Mrs. William Tower from Englewood visited at Mrs. Elizabeth Tower over the New Year's holiday.

Mrs. Yule came home from Waukegan Friday, where she has been staying with her daughter.

Miss Jessie Jameson is on the sick list also Mrs. Elmer Cannon and Mrs. J. H. Bonner.

Mr. Robert Strang is quite sick at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mavor in Chicago. His daughter, Mrs. Hughes, is with him.

A large number of young people from Millburn attended the watch party given by Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy near Hickory and a royal good time was had by all.

A very pleasant surprise was given by the South Side Telephone Co., of Millburn to A. N. Stewart Thursday evening, Dec. 31. Between thirty and forty friends were present, the evening was spent socially and in playing pit and flinch. A fine repast was served when all wished each other a "Happy New Year" and departed for their home voting they had a good time.

Mr. Ed Martin was a Chicago visitor the first of the week.

Miss Una Minto spent the holidays at home, after which she returned to school in Beloit.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 14 January 1904
To Jane McAlister Hospital During the Month.
The ladies of the Jane McAlister Hospital Association acknowledge the receipt of sundry donations to the hospital during the past month, the list being a long one and comprising a great variety of substantials and delicacies for the hospital larder.
The donors were: Mrs. Granger Smith, The North School, George Herman, Fred Buck, M. E. Smith & Co., J. F. Bidinger, Mesdames Dyer, Minot, Orvis, Foote, Bals, Benedict, Buck, Hull, Conrad, Cornish, Little, Bullock, Jenkins, O. W. Douglas, A. Brown, Stinson, Steele, Legnard, Vassar, Lansing, Robtin, Ebert, Ferguson, West, Spring, Green, Miltimore, Hope, Grady, Misses Chambers and Conrad.

Antioch News14 January 1904
The Christian Endeavorers will give an oyster supper in the Masonic hall Jan. 12.

The Ladies Aid will meet with Mrs. Geo. Strang, Jan. 14. They will elect their officers for the ensuring year.

Mr. and Mrs. Shepardson of Gurnee, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Floyd Culver of Fox Lake spent last Saturday at Mrs. Denmans.

Four of the Cannon Children, Jeppie Jepson, Mabel and Irene Chope and Mrs. Van Alstine are quite sick with the grip.

C. E. topic, Jan. 17. "How may I overcome temptation?" Annie McCredie leader.

The Millburn Insurance company held its annual meeting, Saturday Jan. 9, in Young's hall, the same officers were reelected.

Rev. F. T. Lee gave a special announcement to all to be present next Sunday morning services as he will have a very interesting subject.

John Eichinger was completely surprised by about forty-five of his friends last Saturday evening the time was passed in playing progressive euchre, Miss McCredie and her brother George carried off the first prizes and the second prizes were awarded to Edith Van Alstine and Joseph Eichinger.

The Masons of Antioch Lodge number 127 of Millburn installed their officers and gave a banquet on Tuesday evening Jan. 5. A musical program was rendered as follows: Duet, guitar and mandolin, Mrs. Gerrity and Miss Popp. Vocal selection ladies quartette. Solo A. K. Bain. Solo Alfred Spafford. The following officers were installed: W. M., Henry Patch; S. W., John Trotter; S. W., C. E. Nelson; Treas., R. Pantall; Sec'y., J. Jamieson; S. D., John Murry; J. D., George Gerrity; S. S., Ed Martin; J. S., A. C. Bain; Chaplain, John Darby; Tiler, Robt. Patch.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 15 January 1904
Of the Millburn Insurance Company
William J. White, president. John M. Thain, secretary.
R. L. Strang, treasurer. Daniel Lee, O. B. Whitmore,
J. E. Pollock, directors.
By unanimously re-electing the old officers the hundred old members at the annual meeting of the Millburn Insurance Company held at Millburn last Saturday put the stamp of approval upon the administration of the company's affairs.
The annual reports show a membership for the company of 1885 with almost $3,000,000 insurance. There are no liabilities and the $1300 in the treasury represents the assets.
The total losses the company sustained last year were only $3000, which was raised by an assessment of $1.35 for each $1000 insurance, the lightest assessment in 19 years and prospects are bright for the future.
The Millburn Ladies served dinner for the members at Masonic Hall.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 16 January 1904
The ladies Aid society met at Mrs. Geo. Strang's Thursday afternoon.

Robert Strang Sr.,is at Alderman Wm. Mavor's in the city. He is reported very poorly and gradually failing. He was 88 years of age last August.

Word come from Mount Carrol that Miss Hazel Thain who went there two weeks ago to attend school, is sick with quinsy.

Mrs. Eliza Hughes spent a few days in the city last week with her father Robt. Strang at Mrs. Mavor's.

The C. E. society gave an oyster supper Tuesday night at the hall. It was well attended and a good time for all

Lloyd White of Arlington. S. D. came home long enough to wish them all a happy new year.

Mrs. A. H. Stewart invited all the south side people that have telephones to come and give Mr. Stewart a surprise party new year's eve. They responded to the number of thirty-five. They came in and found the man of the house sound asleep in his chair. They soon roused him out of his slumbers. Amidst a very gay time with social visiting and an elegant supper they watched the old year depart under pleasant circumstances.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Tower of Chicago spent New Years at Horace Towers.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kennedy invited a large party to watch the old year out and the new one in. All had a fine time.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 18 January 1904
There will be an oyster supper at the Masonic Hall Tuesday night, Jan. 12. Given under the auspices of the C. E.

The Ladies' Aid will meet with Mrs. Geo. Strang Thursday, Jan. 14. They will elect their officers for the ensuing year.

Mortimer, Helen and Jessie Cannon, Mabel and Irene Chope, Jeppie Jeppeson, Carrie Bater and Mrs. VanAlstine are quite sick with the grip.

Mr. Kipler and Mrs. Finn of Waukegan visited at the C. E. Business meeting last Friday evening at Lucy Spafford's.

C. E. topic Jan. 17, How may I overcome Temptation? Annie McCredie, leader.

A party of friends of John Eichinger gave him a complete surprise Saturday, Jan. 9. Progressive euchre was played. Miss McCredie and her brother Geo. McCredie carried off the first prize. John Eichinger and Edith Van Alstine won second prize.

Rev. F. T. Lee announced that at the next Sunday morning service he will have an interesting subject prepared and hopes all will be present.

The Sunday school elected officers a week ago, they were as follows:
Supt. Geo. Dodge, Sr.
Asst. Supt., Earle White.
Sec. And Treas., Wm. McCredie.
Librarian, Margaret White.
Asst. Librarian, Alice Dodge.
Pianist, Helen Dodge.
Choirister, Mrs. Jameson.

The Masons of Antioch Lodge No 127, of Millburn, installed their officers and gave a banquet Jan. 5th. A musical program was rendered which consisted of the following:
Guitar and mandolin, Mrs. George Gerrity and Miss Popp.
Vocal selection, Ladies Quartet.
Solo, A. K. Bain.
Solo, Alfred Spafford.
The following officers were installed for the ensuing year:
W. M. - Henry Patch.
S. W.- John Trotter.
J. W. - C. E. Nelson
Treas. - R. Pantall.
Sec. - J. Jameson.
S. D. - John Murray.
J. D. - Geo. Gerrity.
S. S. - E. Martin.
I. S. - A. K. Bain.
Chaplain - John Darby.
Tiler - Robt. Patch.

Antioch News21 January 1904
Miss Emily Wynn, of Waukegan is the guest of Miss Carrie Bater.

John Eichinger left on Monday for a visit with his sister at Magnolia.

C. E. topic, Jan. 24.--What if Christ came to our town? Vera Worden, leader.

Little Irene Chope is sick with scarlet fever. All the other sick folks are recovering from the grippe.

The Ladies Aid society have elected their officers. for the ensuing year as follows: President, Mrs. Wineckie; Vice President, Mrs. R. L. Strang; Secretary, Mrs. J. H. Bonner.

At the home of his son James, at Gurnee on Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, occurred the death of Sylvester Clark, who had reached the advanced age of ninety years. Paralysis being the direct cause of his death. The funeral services will be held from his late home on Tuesday Jan. 19. He was the father of Mr. Frank Clark of this place.

The friends of George Gerrity gave him a pleasant surprise Wednesday evening, Jan. 13. Progressive euchre was indulged in till eleven thirty, when a fine repast was served, then Mrs. Gerrity and Miss Anna Popp favored the guests with guitar and mandolin selection by which the young people enjoyed a few sets of dances. The first prizes were awarded to Miss Anna Popp and John Eichinger and the second prizes to Mrs. Elizabeth Tower and Herbert Mathews.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 22 January 1904
Miss Emily Wynn of Waukegan is visiting Miss Carrie Bater.

Miss Emma Spafford gave a tea party last Wednesday evening.

The McDougall's were all invited out to Antioch to celebrate John J. McDougall's birthday, Wednesday, Jan. 20th.

James Quinn died in Waukegan. He was formerly a neighbor to Geo. Kennedy. His funeral procession passed through here Tuesday to the Kennedy cemetery.

Ed and Alice Cunningham gave a party last Saturday night.

Mrs. Norman Adams came up Friday night to visit her brother, little Bae, came to see her grandfather.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gerry have a young son about a week old.

Mrs. Alfred Bain gave a party Tuesday evening in honor of Miss Emily Wynn.

Word comes of the death of Frank Clark's father. He was about 90 years of age.

E. A. Martin went to the city Monday with Mrs. Adams and Bae.

Carrie Bater gave a party Monday night in honor of Miss Emily Wynn.

Mrs. Cannon's children have all been sick with the grip.

John Chope's little girl has scarlet fever.

Marion McDougall is spending a few weeks with Mrs. Wm. Hook at Grayslake.

The missionary meeting was held with Mrs. Geo. Jamison Thursday.

Mrs. Yule has gone back to Waukegan to stay with her daughter the rest of the winter.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 22 January 1904
Capt. Burnett Runs Across Map Drawn by First County Surveyor.
The discovery of old and valuable papers in the city building as noted in the Sun last night caused considerable interest in the minds of the older residents and some of them have already got to thinking of olden times and have themselves gone to searching about their homes to see what they have in the nature of old relics.
One of the first important "discoveries" to be brought to light is that made by George H. Burnett in the nature of an old map. It is of Lake county and was drawn by the first surveyor the county ever boasted of, George Hill. The map is worn by time but most of the lines are distinguishable and the relic is of great interest and contains besides the map proper, considerable data of interest.
In the "statistics of lake County" which are shown in one corner of the cap are shown the facts below which will set aright many an argument which the older residents have been heard discussing lately.
On of the interesting facts to the younger element especially is that Lake and McHenry county used to be one county under the name of McHenry. It would seem from the way the two counties "scrap" in politics now that they had never been "together".
Following are shown the "statistics" referred to:
The county first settled in 1834 (then a part of Cork county.)
The Indian title to the soil extinguished 1835, erected into a county (McHenry) by act of legislature 1826-7.
First election in Lake county at Half Day, June 5, 1837, number of votes cast at first election, 138.
County seat of McHenry county located at McHenry village in 1837.
First session of commissioner's court held summer of 1837.
First session of circuit court for McHenry county, 1838.
Lake county separated from McHenry county by act of legislature March 1st, 1839.
County seat of Lake county located at Libertyville, June 22, 1839.
Number of votes cast at first election in Lake county, 37.
First session of commissioners' court for Lake county, Aug. 17, 1839.
Fist session of circuit court for Lake county, April, 1840.
County seat removed to Little Fort (Waukegan) by a vote of people April, 1841.
Vote for Little Fort 466 votes against 278.
Population of Lake county, 1840, 2,634.
The first saw mill erected by Hiram Keinncott, in town of Vernon 1835.
The first grist mill erected by Jacob Miller at Mill Creek in 1835.
First school taught in Lake county by Laura B. Sprague, 1836.
First store opened in Lake county by Hiram Kennicott in 1835.
First post office established at Half Day, in August, 1836.
The newspaper (Little Fort Porcupine, a democratic banner) established in 1845.
The name of town of Little Fort changed to Waukegan, March 1849.
Township organization adopted in Lake county Nov. 1849.
First town meeting held April 2, 1850.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 30 January 1904
Robert McDougall was in Waukegan Tuesday.

Mrs. Alfred Bain and Mrs. John Trotter were in Chicago Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Mitchell, of Grossdale, Chicago, have a young son about a month old.

E. A. Martin was in the city on business Tuesday.

Emily Wynn returned to Waukegan Friday.

Frank Clark and family attended his father's funeral at the old home Friday. Burial in Warren cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge, Jr., have a young son born the 22nd of January. His name is Ralph White Dodge.

Wm. Thom planned and executed a very pleasant surprise party on Mr. and Mrs. John Thain Friday night. They went well stocked up for supper - no lap supper either. All sat down to the table, where excellent coffee was served and a fine repast.

No service Sunday night on account of the severe cold weather.

Mr. and Mrs. Willby visited at Alfred Thain's Wednesday and called on other friends. Mrs. Willby was formerly Harriet Bain.

The C. E. young folks are planning a big sleighride to Fox Lake. Earl White will take one load and Harold Minto the other.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mathews and Mr. and Mrs. White went to Pikeville Friday to attend the 26th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George Tillotson. Friends and relatives to the number of thirty five gathered to celebrate the occasion. Many fine presents were received by Mr. and Mrs. Tillotson. All had a very pleasant time.

We received from Mrs. J. M. Strang, of Pasadena, California, of a fine illustrated paper called the Pasadena News, showing the beautiful decorations at the annual "Rose Carnival" on Jan. 1st.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Strang went to the city Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Mavor and their father and mother.

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