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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1903

from Antioch News3 December 1903
Mr. Geo. Stephens has been quite sick the past week.

The Millburn C. E. expects to send a large delegation to the next rally at Gurnee.

Wm. Mitchell has moved his family to Waukegan where he bought a home some time ago.

C. E. Topic for Dec. 6--What the Heroes of faith teach us. Lucy Spafford leader.

Mr. and Mrs. Cannon and family took Thanksgiving dinner at Wm. Cannons in Zion City.

Mrs. R. L. Strang will entertain the Ladies Aid, Dec. 3, at which they will prepare for their annual bazaar.

Miss Vivien Bonner from DeKalb, and Victor Strang from Rochester spent Thanksgiving at their homes here.

Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and family attended the Newell and McGuire wedding at Hickory on Wednesday, Nov. 25th.

Mr. and Mrs. Denman and family attended a family reunion Thanksgiving Day at the home of Mr. Denman's sister, Mrs. Webster, of Highland Park.

The Old Folks Concert given under the auspices of the church was in every way a success and a neat sum was realized. Mr. Pratt did his part well and was dressed right to the time.

from Antioch News10 December 1903
Carrie Bater has gone to Chicago

George Gerrity is slowly recovering from his affliction.

Mrs. John Chope spent Sunday at her fathers home at Rosecrans.

A euchre party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meade.

The last lecture of the course was given Thursday by Dr. Bartlet of Chicago.

Seventeen Christian Endeavorers attended the rally at Gurnee last Friday evening.

C. E. topic Dec. 13, an anti-worry meeting. Harold Minto, leader.

Mrs. Elmer Cannon is entertaining her cousin, Mrs. Cowin from the western part of the state.

Mr. Wyckoff, of Irving Park visited his cousin, Jesse Denman while on a hunting tour in Millburn.

The regular C. E. business meeting at Mrs. Bater's, Friday, Dec. 11. A cordial invitation extended to all.

Mr. Fischer, of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill. is the guest of Rev. F. T. Lee. He filled the pulpit on Sunday.

Messers Eichinger, W. B. Stewart, Gordon Bonner, Elmer Cannon and J. H. Bonner attended the fat stock show last week.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 11 December 1903
Mr. Beeva family have moved into Mrs. Mathews house.

A delegation of fourteen C. E. young folks went to Gurnee to the rally last Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. White and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dodge celebrated for the 25th time their wedding anniversary. Both couples were married on Dec. 6th.

Rev. Mr. Fisher of Wheaton, preached here last Sunday. All were pleased very much with him.

Loyd White is in Wm. Allen's bank at Arlington, South Dakota.

There is just one baby in Millburn and he is sick. He is John Thain Leroy.

Hattie Bain and Mr. Wilby were married Nov. 25th, 1903.

Some of the young folks went to Antioch Friday night to a surprise party on Miss Lillie Watson.

Thomas Ames of Oklahoma, has come to visit his people after an absence of thirty years.

The Ladies Aid Society will hold their long talked of Calander social Thursday evening, Dec. 17, 1903. The ladies representing the months will prepare a program that will be pleasing to all and a bountiful supper will be served. A very handsome crazy quilt will be sold and a limited number of fancy articles will be offered for sale. The C. E. society will have charge of the candy booth.

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Miller wish to express their sincere thanks to the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted them during the sickness and death of our father and mother. Mrs. Henry Wedge, George Miller, Louis Miller.

from Antioch News17 December 1903
How does this weather suit for December.

Be on the look out for a stereopticon lecture in the near future.

Lloyd White is in Arlington, S. D. where he has a position in a bank.

Miss Vivien Bonner is expected home from school to spend the holidays.

The Sunday School is preparing for a Christmas tree and a nice program also.

C. E. topic, Dec 10. A vision of world wide peace. Christmas Minnette Denman, leader.

Mrs. Adams, after a short visit here from Chicago returned home last Monday, Mrs. R. Pantall accompanied her.

The Millburn Aid Society will give their annual bazaar at the Congregational church Dec. 17 a lively program has been prepared and also a supper.

The Christmas shoppers from Millburn last Saturday were Mrs. R. L. Strang, Mrs. W. B. Stewart, Mrs. John Thain, Alice Dodge and Vera Worden.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Gazette 19 December 1903
A big sleigh load of ladies and children went to the city Saturday morning to attend the Matinee. Their train was so delayed with the snow storm they did not get home until midnight. John Thain went to Lake Villa after them, and got home at 12 o'clock.

Lucy Trotter came home Wednesday from a visit in the city.

George Stephens was in Waukegan on business Monday.

Mrs. Oscar Niekork (nee Jeanie Thorn) has a little son about a week old.

Mrs. Elmer Cannon was in the city Monday.

The butter factory ice house is being filled this week, and all the ice houses.

Mrs. Pantall returned Wednesday from a visit at Chicago Lawn.

Frank Yule and Fred Heddle have been doing carpenter work at James Bonners.

Dr. Jamison's house is being finished off inside.

Carrie Bater came home from Antioch to attend the Calendar Social which takes place Thursday afternoon and evening.

Mrs. N. R. Adams spent Saturday and Sunday in Millburn.

from Antioch News24 December 1903
Mrs. Pantall returned from Chicago Wednesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Ed Martin were Chicago visitors Monday.

Victor Strang and Vivian Bonner are spending their holiday vacations at home.

Mr. A. H. Stewart made a visit to Lily Lake on Friday to see his daughter, Mrs. Ralph Taylor.

Mr. J. A. Strang had several dollars worth of sheep destroyed by dogs last Thursday night.

Mr. John Ross, of Rochester was again in our midst last Sunday. He was the guest of Mrs. Geo. Jamieson.

Mrs. Thomas daughter, Mrs. Knightkirk of Chicago, formerly of this place, is rejoicing over the arrival of a boy.

Mr. Harry Hughes of Chicago, will take charge of the C. E. meeting, Dec 27, the topic is an optimists missionary meeting.

Exhibition and lecture, Filipino and Spanish war curios and stereopticon views by Sergeant W. J. Barnes. One hundred magnificent photographic views. These rare views were secured at great cost and risk of life, a rare educational opportunity. Parents come and bring your children. At the Millburn Congregational church on Tuesday evening, Dec. 29, beginning at eight o'clock.

from Antioch News31 December 1903
Happy New Year to all.

Clarence Bonner was home from Indianapolis to spend Christmas.

Horace Tower, of Englewood, visited with his uncle, Mr. Tower and family during the holidays.

Harry and Smith Hughes of Antioch took charge of the C. E. meeting Sunday evening.

C.E. Topic Jan. 8--The kind of growth I need in 1904. Earl White leader.

The Sunday School gave an entertainment and Christmas tree at the Congregational church Christmas eve.

The next regular business meeting of the C. E. will be with Miss Lucy Spafford Friday Jan. 8. The social committee have prepared some kind of a treat.

A number of Young people gave Jesse Denman a very pleasant surprise last Friday evening, Dec. 25 in honor of his eighteen birthday, a very pleasant evening was spent in playing games the most exciting of which was flinch.

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