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March, 1892

from a loose clipping, source unknown 13 March 1892

Margaret Strang, the subject of this sketch, was born in Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland, Aug. 12, 1813, and died at her home in Millburn, Lake county, Illinois, March 13, 1892. Her parents, John Strang and Margaret Clellann, and family emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the spring of 1835. She was united in marriage to Joshua Wedge, a native of Canada, the 9th of January, 1838. They came to Illinois, along with her father's family, the same year, and settled at Millburn, Lake Co., Ill. They subsequently bought a farm, which they brought to a high state of cultivation, and where they made their home more than fifty years. In October, 1890, they left the farm and bought a fine home in Millburn village. They had scarcely got more than comfortably settled when she was called away.

Mrs. Wedge was the mother of six children, namely, Margaret Stewart (deceased). William, John, Henry, Mary Jane, and George. She was a woman of industrious, hospitable qualities, dearly beloved by her children, who manifested their devotion to her in constant attendance at her bedside during many and varied severe sicknesses.

She was converted and united with the church in Scotland at the early age of eighteen years, and was a member of the Millburn Congregational church over forty years. She will be missed by her own family and mourned by a large circle of friends, who have spent many happy hours at her hospitable home, where everyone was made welcome.

The funeral was held in the church at Millburn, Tuesday, March 15th, and was very largely attended by friends, neighbors and children down to the third generation. The church was beautifully decorated with flowers and plants for the occasion.

The flowers were profuse and beautiful, some pieces being especially worthy of mention -- a lovely pillow of rare and fragrant flowers, with the word "Mother" in the center; also a fine bouquet calla lillies from her friends the two Mrs. Druse.

The Rev. Mr. Arnett delivered a fine discourse to an attentive audience, from the text she selected three years ago; "There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God."

The names of her brothers and sisters are as follows: Elizabeth Dougall, Agnes Glass, Peter Strang, Margaret Wedge, Robt. Strang, Jane McAllister, George Strang, Janette Thayer, Susan Griggs, John Strang.

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