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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1892

from Antioch News22 January 1892
John A. Thain and oldest daughter went to Waukegan last Friday on business.

Miss Maud Spafford spent a few days in Chicago and returned home Sunday, very sick.

Miss Carrie Bater has returned home from Evanston and is going to stay here for some time.

Miss Jessie Bater of this town spent Sunday at home and returned to work again at Waukegan.

Edward Martin says that he thinks it will be hard on him to sing for five days, one after another.

Wm. Mitchell went to Antioch last Wednesday and took in the sights of the large sale at Foltz' store.

Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins of Antioch were here and spent Sunday afternoon and evening at John A. Thain's.

There is to be a Singing Convention at Millburn from the 26th to the 30th inclusive, and an entertainment in the evening of the 30th. Mr. Straub, of Chicago, is going to be the leader. All are cordially invited.

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