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Newspaper Clippings for
August, 1886

from a loose clipping, source unknown 4 August 1886
SMITH:--At Bonilla, Beadle Co., Dakota, Aug. 4, 1886, Ottelyn L., wife of M. L. Smith and daughter of the late Wm. L. and Marcia G. Barry of Millburn, Ill., aged 33 years and 9 months.
from a loose clipping, source unknown 4 August 1886
In Memoriam
Papers are handed us containing memorial notices of the death of Mrs. Barry-Smith, of which the Gazette has made previous mention. The Altoona (Dak.) Eagle pays a very feeling tribute to the deceased, as also does the La Crosse News, which we reproduce.
At Rest
The many friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Ottie Barry Smith, deeply mourn her death which occurred at Bonilla, Dak., Wednesday, August 4, 1886. She was a lady of sterling qualities, esteemed and loved by all who knew her.
She was an earnest worker in the temperance cause, and a member of Fidelity lodge No 523, I. O. G. T. and of the Good Templars mutual benefit association. For several years Mrs. Smith successfully fulfilled the duties of assistant in the grammar department of the Fifth ward school of this city. The remains were taken to Millburn, Ill., for interment. A husband and two children mourn her loss.
from Gazette7 August 1886
Again has the dark angel of death come into our midst, this time taking, Mrs. V. F. Clark from our midst. She has been a long and patient sufferer and her death cast a deep gloom over the community.

Last Saturday, Mr. James Taylor of New York died at the residence of Mr. Robert Strang. He came here about six weeks ago and was taken sick immediately after his arrival and did not leave the house till his death. His remains were sent to New York last Monday.

Miss Carrie Edgar of Chicago is visiting at G. L. Stewart's.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bain returned to St. Louis this week.

A game of base ball was played at Wadsworth last Saturday between the Millburn nine and a picked nine from Benton, Waukegan and Rosecrans and our boys came off victorious to the tune of 32 to 8.

W. H. Strang has been improving the street in front of his store by putting in a lot of gravel. It is a good job and more of it should be done.

Mr. A. Stewart is putting up a new barn. Mr. A. Sutherland is doing the mason work.

from Gazette14 August 1886
Mr. Will Mavor of Chicago started for his old home in Scotland on Monday of this week and during his absence, Mrs. M. and the little folks will enjoy the fine country air of Millburn.

Miss Mary Eloing of South Evanston is the guest of the Misses Smith.

The remains of Mrs. M. L. Smith nee Ottie Barry, were brought here from the west and interred in the Millburn cemetery on Saturday of last week.

There will be a Lawn Social on Tuesday evening next, Aug. 17th in George Strang's yard, given by the young people. All are cordially invited.

Most all farmers are stacking their grain and are not troubled much with rain, as is usually the case.

Our boys got badly beat, down at Libertyville last Saturday, playing baseball; but never mind, there has to be a first time to everything.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 12 August 1886
NORTH LA CROSSE WIS., August 12, 1886 - At a special meeting of Fidelity lodge No 521, I. O. G. T., held on this date, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted:
Whereas, the grim messenger, Death, has again entered our family circle and from our band has taken our loved sister, Ottie Barry- Smith, who was in the morn of life; and
Whereas, By her demise our lodge has lost a valuable member, her husband and children a loving wife and kind mother; therefore be it
RESOLVED, That our charter be suitably draped in mourning for thirty days, and that a page in our journal be devoted to her memory; be it further
RESOLVED, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the bereaved family of our departed sister; also a copy be furnished to local papers and the Western Good Templar for publication.
G. R. Marvin, Sr.,
Cora E. Maxwell.,
Mrs. O. M. Mitchell.,
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