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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1886

from Gazette4 September 1886
No lack of rain for the past few weeks.

Miss Bertha and Henry Pollock and Ralph Taylor have gone to Aurora to attend school.

Rev. V. F. Clark returned on Tuesday, but is not looking as well as we would like to see him.

Geo. Dodge is on the sick list.

Mrs. Eigninger who has been a sufferer for a long time, passed away on Sunday morning last.

Miss May Allen who has been very sick is on the mend.

The summer boarders in and around Millburn are returning home so as to be ready for school.

The school in the Dodge school house began last Monday

Henry Manzer and family of Deerfield, Mo., called on old friends in Millburn this week. He said that the drought had not done as much harm here as in many other places he had been.

Miss Elsing went home the first of the week.

Miss Julia and Nora Howland of Evanston are here and mean to enjoy country air for a couple of weeks or so.

Say did you get one of those nice watermelons that John Rose had for sale. They were dandy.

Why don't some of the Millburnites take advantage of the cheap rates and go west.

from Gazette18 September 1886
Threshing is all done in this neighborhood, and corn cutting is now the order of the day.

The Misses Howland returned to Evanston the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Williamson are in Wisconsin visiting relatives.

Miss Carrie Edgar, who has been visiting here for some time, went to Janesville, Wis., last week.

The sick in the community are all on the mend.

Mrs. G. L. Stewart and daughter, Florence, started for Dakota last week.

Miss Inez Pollock is staying with her grandfather, Mr. Watson, and going to school.

Mr. "Thad" Smith, an old time Lake county boy, now of Iowa, surprised the people here by dropping in on them last week. He came to the State Fair, and took the opportunity of visiting his old home.

We noticed some frost on the creek bottoms the first of the week.

Rumor has it that we are to have a railroad. It will be the Evanston & Lake Superior.

from Gazette25 September 1886
Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes have been on a visit to relatives in Iowa, and returned this week. On his return Mr. Hughes took in the State Undertakers' Convention at Springfield.

A close and interesting game of ball was played at Wadsworth last Saturday between the Home Nine and the Lake Forest University Nine. Ten innings were played with a result of 20 to 20, and the game was called on account of darkness. the next game will be played in Lake forest.

We noticed Mr. A. R. Huntly of Waukegan, here the first of the week.

Mrs. Maggie McCredie has gone to Dakota to visit her sister, Mrs. Dell Knox.

The remains of Miss Jennie McGregor were brought here for burial last Monday. She died at the residence of her father at Spring Bluff.

Mr. Geo. Strang is shingling over part of his house. It is over twenty years since it was built.

The Waukegan Fair to be held next week, will be largely attended by our people.

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