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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 1886

from Gazette5 June 1886
(Webmaster's note: we cannot read the microfilm for this date!)

from Gazette26 June 1886
Mrs. Sloan of Milwaukee was the guest of Miss Iona Taylor the past week.

Mrs. Clark's sister, Mrs. Lawrence is again with her and probably will remain for some time.

Mrs. Taylor, who is stopping at Mr. Robert Strang's and who is in poor health, had a slight hemorrhage of the lungs Saturday evening, but was much better again the first of the week.

Miss Iona Taylor and Carrie Strang went to Lake Forest to attend the closing exercises of the school there on Thursday.

(Received too late for last week)

Last Sunday was observed as Children's day, they conducting part of the service.

Again has the dark hand of death appeared in our midst. This time taking away one of our oldest settlers, Mr. Peter Strang, Sr., at the ripe old age of 74, nearly 60 of which has been spent in America.

We had a fine rain on Tuesday, which made the face of nature smile and the roads muddy.

Mrs. Wm. Barry has sold her place to Mrs. Maggie McCreddie.

Mr. Wm. White has his barn finished and painted. O. S. Hughes pushed the brush.

Mr. Mathews is making improvements on his house in the way of a bay window, which will add greatly to the "looks" of his fine house.

Sheep shearing is nearly over for this season around this section and the clip is unusually large.

Mrs. Will Hogle of Evanston and Mrs. George Carter of Chicago visited at George String's last week.

Why go away from home to buy your machinery. If you are in need of a mower or a hay rake, call on H. Rose & Son and they will be pleased to show you these machines and quote your price, they also sell the Esterly, Twine Binder, the best made. Give them a call.

The J. A. Bonner property, near the Dodge school house, has changed hands, being purchased by Mrs. Palmer of Lake City. The piece contains 30 acres a fine house and barn. Consideration, $2000.

It is rumored that Mrs. Martin, the present owner of the White Farm, intends to build a large house and more barn room.

Any one wishing their buggies painted up for the Fourth will do well to call on Ed. Kappie. He does a slick job.

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