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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1886

from Gazette15 May 1886
On next Thursday evening, Reuben W. Coon, Esq, editor of the Waukegan Gazette, will lecture at the Congregational church under the auspices of the Improvement Society. The subject is "Robert Burns" and we hope there will be a large attendance.

Fresh Bread every morning at Hyman Bros.

from Gazette22 May 1886
Farmers have been very busy and are about through corn planting.

During the past week, Dr. Tombaugh has been in attendance upon the Illinois State Medical Society which met at Bloomington.

Mr. Geo. Stewart has about finished having his fine residence newly painted, improving its appearance very much.

Mrs. V. F. Clark was able to attend church last Sunday.

Mr. Will White has been enlarging and rebuilding his barn on his place.

On Thursday evening Reuben W. Coon, editor of the Gazette, delivered a lecture in the Congregational Church, subject, "Robert Burns". The attendance was very large and the audience seemed to thoroughly appreciate the lecture and subject and we hope to hear him again in the future. The speaker was master of the subject. Some choice vocal music was also furnished by the choir. Millburn boasts some of the best vocal talent in the county.

Mr. Robert Strang has been painting and improving his fine residence.

On next Friday evening an elocutionary and musical entertainment will be given at the Congregational Church for the benefit of a fund to buy a piano for use at the church. The entertainment will be furnished by Mr. Geo. E. Chaffee, the popular elocutionist of Waukegan, assisted by Mr. Gus P. Brigham of Chicago, with vocal and instrumental selections. Both these gentlemen are first class and we hope there will be good attendance. Turn out everybody.

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