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Newspaper Clippings for
October, 1864

loose clipping, source unknown 14 October 1864
The Sanitary Fair at Millburn.

The Sanitary Fair under the auspices of the Ladies' Soldiers aid Society of Millburn, held at Hughes' Hall on Wednesday last, was a most cheering and satisfactory success. The pleasant little town of Millburn was full to overflowing, with the people of the surrounding towns, while the crowd was augmented by liberal delegations from Waukegan and other remote points in the county. The day was fine, everything seemed to harmonize to render the efforts of the noble hearted ladies who had the enterprise in charge, most successful. General Farnsworth, who was advertised to speak at eleven o'clock, being unable to reach there at that time, the speaking was postponed till after dinner.

The dinner tables, which were set in and filled the lower story of Mr. Hughes new building, literally groaned under the weight of good things displayed, enough to tempt the appetite of the most fastidious epicure. The repast was really excellent, and the hungry legion of Lake Countyans did full and powerful justice to the tempting viands which were so lavishly spread before them; the dinner was pronounced excellent, on all hands, indeed no other verdict could well be rendered upon a repast everyway so unexceptionable and good. The ladies were kind and attentive and all were fed to their hearts -- and stomachs -- content.

After dinner we visited the hall above, where were displayed various fancy articles contributed to the Fair, by the fair daughters of the Millburn neighborhood. The tables were presided over by a number of intelligent looking young ladies, who seemed to be meeting with the very best of success, for nearly all the articles were marked "sold" to Mrs. ----, or Miss so and so. Much more could have sold had it been contributed. A nice pyramid cake, made and presented to the fair by Mrs. Humphrey, was disposed of by auction, bringing $4.50, Mr. Mason being the lucky purchaser.

The Fair was a success. We ere unable to ascertain the exact sum realized, but learn it was over $300. The commissary department was so amply furnished, that a large surplus was found to be on hand after all the feasting that was done, a quantity of this has been boxed up and forwarded to the Soldiers Rest in Chicago for the benefit of that excellent institution.

Gen. Farnworth spoke to as immense crowd in front of the Hall in the afternoon, which is alluded to elsewhere. In the evening Revs. Messrs. Morton and Ball of this city addressed the people at the hall, which was, we learn, literally packed full. The remarks of these gentlemen were eloquent and patriotic, and were listened to with the deepest interest by the large audience.

All in all, the 12th October 1864 is a day that will long be remembered by the good people of Millburn and vicinity. Everything paired off just as such affairs should, in order to render the greatest satisfaction and pleasure to all parties interested, both to those who originated and carried to a successful termination, the Fair and the large crowd of people who attended it.

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