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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1962

Waukegan News-Sun? April 1962
Hold Dedication At Millburn
By Mrs. Rose Hogan
MILLBURN--On Sunday, April 1, the Millburn Community Consolidated School held their dedication and open house of the new school. The new school represents a merging of the Browe and Millburn school districts.

Howard Bonner, president of the school board, presided as master of ceremonies during the program. The eighth grade boys presented the colors and led everyone in the pledge to the flag. The invocation was given by Rev. William T. Slatery, pastor of St. Patrick's Church, Wadsworth. Under the direction of Miss O. Dobson, the entire student body sang.

Bonner then introduced the board of education, Donald B. Truax, secretary, Lawrence D. Snell, Paul M. Neal, William H. Paulsen, George DeYoung, Erna Vanderspool. The teaching staff are: Deane Thompson, principal, and teachers Roy J. Becker, Mrs. Alice Anderson, Mrs. Margaret Lahey. Other introductions were the architects and contractors present.

County Superintendent of Schools, W. C. Petty, was introduced and he spoke briefly about the value of consolidation and the advantages in education to be gained in a larger school He also mentioned that district 24 is the fourth wealthiest school district in Lake county. This is determined by the assessed valuation of real estate in the area.

The dedication address was given by Rev. L. H. Messersmith, pastor of Millburn Congregational Church. He spoke of a necessity to rededicate ourselves to a challenging age of conversion. Continuing, he quoted from the gook, "In Place of Folly" by Norman Cousins -- "Since 1945 more progress has been made in may areas of life than in all previous recorded history. He further said if we are to have progress for the future we must educate the whole child. The responsibility of discipline must come from the home; the school will be responsible for the child's intellectual education and the spiritual development will come from the church. There must be cooperation among the three if a child is to have a well rounded education.

Rev. Slattery then gave the benediction. Refreshments were served by the PTA. Mrs. Marian Deadrich was chairman. Everyone present, about 200 in all, was invited to tour the new school, which has six classrooms, an all purpose room, shower rooms and lockers. Four of the rooms are being used for classes, one room as a library and another as a science room.

[photo caption] With but little fanfare the Millburn Grade School, a consolidated school district project, was placed into use this year. Situated at the northwest corner of Crawford and Millburn roads, the building has six classrooms, an all-purpose room, offices and storage rooms. It is at the boundaries of Millburn and Old Mill Creek. Pupils are from the former Browe School and the old Millburn School districts. It will be paid for through a $190,000 bond issue that will be retired in 15 years. The 14.1 acre site that it occupies is large enough for future expansion.

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