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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1933

Antioch News4 May 1933
Work is progressing nicely at Millburn parsonage where the men and women of the parish have undertaken to modernize and redecorate the manse, donating their time and hard work. A heating system has been installed by C. F. Richards of Antioch and the plumbing has been done by James Kerr of Lake Villla.

The Book Club met at the home of Jean Bonner on Monday evening with seven members and five visitors present. Plans were made for an open meeting, where motion pictures on the League of Nations will be shown. The time and place of this meeting will be announced later.

The Rev. Mr. Holden, with his friends Dr. Laidman and the Rev. Mr. McBride were guests for dinner at the J. S. Denman home on Sunday. Dr. Laidman gave the sermon at the morning service, which was enjoyed by all. The beautiful flowers at this service were furnished by Mrs. E. A. Martin, Mrs. H. E. Jamison and Mrs. W. A. Bonner.

Mrs. Marguerite Griffin of Salem, Wis., was a week-end guest at the home of her friend, Grace Denman.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting will be held at the home of Miss Ruth Minto on Friday evening, May 5.

Misses Horrell and Olson, teachers in Warren Township High School were guests for dinner at the C. E. Bonner home Monday evening, and attended the meeting of the Book Club.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kaluf are making their home with their daughter, Mrs. F. G. Edwards for the present.

Mrs. A. G. Hughes, who has been having a painful and serious experience with infection in her hand, expects to return home from Victory Memorial Hospital this week.

Geraldine Bonner was awarded second place in the typing contest held at Aurora last Saturday.

Mrs. Strang Buried Saturday at Millburn
Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at Millburn Church for Mrs. Evaline Strang, who died Thursday after an illness of several weeks, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William A. Truax. The Rev. A. H. Pierstorff conducted the services. Interment was made at Millburn Cemetery.
Mrs. Strang was the widow of the former Peter Strang who died four years ago. She was born in 1856 at Minerva, Ohio, and was married at sixteen to John Lucas who died thirteen years later.
Her sons and daughters who survive her are Frank Lucas, Walter Lucas, Mrs. William Truax of Millburn, Mrs. James O'Hare, Mrs. Fred Tibben of Waukegan, and Wilson Lucas of Antigo, Wis. She also leaves twenty-four grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren.
Antioch News11 May 1933
Millburn Girl Dies of Accident Injuries
Funeral Held Tuesday;
Driver Absolved of Blame
Norma Torfin, 18 year old daughter of the Albert G. Torfins of Millburn, who died of serious injuries sustained in an automobile accident, was buried Tuesday afternoon at the Millburn cemetery. Funeral services were held at the Millburn Congregational Church with S. E. Pollock officiating.
Miss Torfin was returning from a Warren Township High School dance early Sunday morning with three campanions when their car struck a fire alarm pole near Grand Ave. and Hickory St., Waukegan, badly damaging the car and injuring the occupants, Roy Bingaman, 19, of Edison Park, Elizabeth Studer, 17, of Millburn, and Robert Isselhart, 17, of Edson Park, slightly and Norma fatally. She died at the Lake County General Hospital a few hours later.
Bingaman, who was driving the car, was held until after the inquest, but the coroner's jury ruled that the accident was unavoidable. J. L. Taylor, county coroner, states that the morning was extremely foggy, and the youth did not know the road which takes a decided swing to the northwest at that point.
Norma Torfin was a student at Warren Township High School, Gurnee. She is survived by her parents, a brother, Wallace, and a sister, Phyllis. Mr. Torfin is former manager of the Ontwentsia Hunt Club property.

Word was received Thursday morning from Madison, S. Dak., of the death of Mrs. Lizzie Irving Trotter, wife of John P. Trotter, former residents of Millburn. Mrs. Trotter had been in poor health for the past year. Besides her husband, she leaves six daughters, one son, two grandchildren, also her mother, Mrs. John Irving of Hickory, seven sisters and three brothers, her father and eldest brother preceding her in death five years ago. Burial was at Madison, S. Dakota.

An entertainment will be held at the church Monday evening, May 22, under the auspices of the Book Club. A short musical program will be given and motion pictures featuring the League of Nations will be shown. No admission will be charged and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stiles and daughter of Evanston were callers at the Gordon Bonner home on Saturday.

The C. E. business meeting was held at the home of Ruth Minto Friday evening. The following officers were elected: President, Marian Edwards; Vice President, Kenneth Denman; Secretary, Grace Denman; Treasurer, Ralph McGuire.

Miss Ruth Edwards of Garfield Park Hospital spent Friday and Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Edwards.

The Ladies Aid Society met at the church on Thursday afternoon with a good attendance of about 60 at the supper.

Antioch News18 May 1933
A car of gypsies passed through here Tuesday afternoon and while talking with Joseph Strobal, relieved him of his billfold and contents. The sheriff and his deputies are at work trying to locate them.

Miss Katherine Koertge and her Sunday School class of High School girls enjoyed a hike and wiener roast on Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Lewis Bauman and daughters, Alice, Helen and Mildred, also Eric Anderson drive to DeKalb on Sunday, where Mrs. Bauman was a guest of her daughter, Bernice, at the Mother's Day dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lange of Chicago spent the week-end with the Carl Anderson family.

The Harry Lossman and George Olson families of Waukegan, and Mr. and Mrs. Max Irving and son of Hickory called on their mother, Mrs. O. Anderson, on Mother's Day.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Torfin and family spent Saturday in Park Ridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erwin, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwards of Waukegan, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Edwards and family of Wadsworth spent Sunday afternoon at George Edwards.

Memorial Day program is being prepared to be given at the cemetery on May 30th at two o'clock standard time.

Practice for children in the Childrens' Day program will be held at the church on Saturday afternoon.

The Rev. Mr. Holden was entertained at the George White home this week-end.

Mrs. R. C. Finley entertained her bridge club at her home in Gurnee Friday afternoon.

Miss Doris Jamison of St. Luke's hospital, Chicago, spent the week-end with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Jamison.

Misses Annie McCredie and May Dodge were guests for dinner at the W. M. Bonner home on Sunday.

Mrs. Beck of Evanston spent several days with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keefe and daughter Barbara of Druce's Lake spent Sunday evening at F. G. Edwards' home.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman of Gurnee attended the Mother's Day service on Sunday and were guests for dinner at the home of their daughter, Mrs. W. A. Bonner.

League Motion Picture to Be Shown
by Millburn Book Club, Mon., May 22
"Seeing the League of Nations," a two-reel motion picture, is to be shown at the Millburn Congregational Church Monday, May 22, at 8:00 p. m. (Central Standard Time). The entertainment is sponsored by the Millburn Book Club, of which Mrs. R. C. Finlay is President.
The average person has only a hazy idea concerning the organization, aims and accomplishments of the League of Nations, an association of fifty-seven nations of the world for the purpose of maintaining peace and security between themselves by co-operation conciliation, mediation and conference, the committee sponsoring the picture states. This motion picture depicts the League in natural action at Geneva.
The program will also include music by a male suartet from the Waukegan High School, consisting of Messrs. Freeman, High, Tark, and Anselyn; readings by Richard Martin, and community singing.
There is no charge for admission and all interested are invited.
The committee in charge consists of Mrs. Eva E. Alling, chairman, Miss Jean Bonner, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Miss Katherine Koertge and Miss Alice Bauman.
Antioch News25 May 1933
Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Edwards drove to River Forest Sunday afternoon and called at the Earl Edwards home.

Memorial Day program will be given at Millburn cemetery on May 30th at 2 o'clock, standard time.

Millburn school closes Friday with a picnic at the school and a program in the afternoon. Miss Koertge, who has been engaged to teach the school another year, leaves for her home near Olney, Ill., on Friday night.

Mrs. Archie Webb will entertain the Bridge Club at her home on Thursday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Groebli and son, Harold, spent Saturday in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner and daughter, Lois, Misses Annie McCredie and May Dodge spent Sunday afternoon at the R. G. Murrie home at Russell.

The Millburn Book Club gave the community an interesting and instructive entertainment on Monday evening with the motion picture, "Seeing the League of Nations," also several numbers by the male quartet from Waukegan High School and several readings by Richard Martin.

Marian Edwards spent the past week at the R. C. Finley home in Gurnee.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin and son, Richard, spent the week-end at Appleton, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. William Findlay and son of Evanston called at the J. H. Bonner home Sunday afternoon.

Fred Cribb taken to Victory Memorial Hospital Waukegan last week suffering from lockjaw, is making slow progress in his recovery from his illness, but his condition is slightly better the past few days.

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