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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1930

Antioch News4 September 1930
The play, "His Uncle's Niece", given for the benefit of the Christian Endeavor society last Friday night was well given and enjoyed by a crowded house.

Miss Catherine Minto left Monday for Davis, Ill., to resume her work as teacher in the high school. Miss Ruth Minto also has gone to teach in a Michigan high school.

Miss Lennie Hardie of Rochester, Wis., spent the past week with her cousin, Mrs. Robert Bonner.

Mrs. Beck of Evanston spent the past two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

The Christian Endeavor business meeting for September will be held with Vivien Bonner Friday evening.

Rev. Fred Galiger, Waukegan, conducted the evening service at the church Sunday.

The Jamison and White families returned Tuesday from their tour of the West.

Mrs. Bauman entertained her sister and children from Cleveland, Ohio, the past week.

Miss Alice Bauman has begun her work in the Pomeroy school near Lake Zurich.

Roy L. Hughes, Peru, spent several days visiting relatives near Millburn.

Mrs. Earl Edwards and daughter, Mrs. John Dickey, and son, also Webb Edwards spent the past week at the D. B. Webb home. Earl Edwards and Mr. Dickey spent the week-end with them, and all returned to their home in River Forest Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Waite, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ekstrand, Chicago, spent Saturday with their niece, Mrs. Robt. Bonner.

Mrs. Charles Hook and daughters of Gurnee spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. L. S. Bonner.

Antioch News11 September 1930
Win Over Eight Competing Counties
at the Central States Fair
The much coveted silver loving cup presented at the Aurora Central States Fair association to the county that has the best 4-H club exhibit and practices the best herdsmanship, was again won by the Lake county boys, when they scored 295 points out of a possible 300, winning over eight other counties that competed. The Antioch boys responsible for the splendid work are as follows:
Lloyd Adwell, Lloyd Barnstable, Kenneth Denman, Howard Bonner, Roy Bonner, Robert Hughes, James Herman, Roland Glassman, Clarence Galiger, Howard Wells, Harold Sheen, Fred Griffin, Ward Edwards, Homer Edwards, Julius Richmond, George Kellouge, and Gilbert Reed of the Antioch 4-H club.
Twelve other boys from scattering parts of the county also assisted materially in helping to win the honor.
Antioch News18 September 1930
Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards, Mrs. Eva Ahling, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Edwards and children attended the Edwards family reunion at the Bert Edwards home at Hickory Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johannesen and three children leave this week for their new home in Seattle, Wash.

Mrs. Slocum, Sr., has been ill the past two weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Bonner are entertaining Mrs. Bonner's sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weller and three children from Three Oaks, Michigan.

The Oakland grade school opened last week with an enrollment of 35. Miss Madelyn Sheehan is the teacher.

Mrs. W. M Bonner spent Thursday with Mrs. R. G. Murrie at Russell.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Garby and daughter of Chicago spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonner.

Mrs. Beck has been ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. H. Pierstorff.

Mrs. C. B. Tibbetts, Lake Forest, held a W. C. T. U. meeting at the church Tuesday afternoon.

The Parent-Teachers' Association held their regular meeting at the school Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hook attended the fiftieth wedding anniversary dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Hook at their home at Gurnee on Thursday, Sept 11.

Miss Doris Jamison left Monday to start her third year's work in Milwaukee Downer college.

Mrs. Lizzie Stewart, Gurnee, spent several days at the home of her nieces, Annie and Ella McCredie.

Mrs. A. W. Safford, Miss Clara Foote of Chicago called on old friends here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonner attended the funeral services for Mrs. A. A. Burgess at Rochester Friday.

Miss Nan Gillespie, of Toronto, Canada, visited her aunt, Mrs. Jessie Low, the past week.

Harold Low and friend of Lake Forest spent Tuesday evening at the Carl Anderson home.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weller and children returned on Sunday to their home in Three Oaks, Mich., after spending a week with Mrs. L S. Bonner and Mrs. Victor Strang in Waukegan.

Miss Mary Kerr of Lake Villa spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Alice Spring.

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