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Newspaper Clippings for
April, 1923

Antioch News12 April 1923
Oakland School
(By Helen Martin)
The Oakland School, which is located on the first four corners, about one mile east of Loon Lake, was built in 1921. This Embossed Shaltex brick building consists of a one large room and basement.
The size of the building is 52 feet long and 25 feet wide. It is situated on a lot containing one acre, faces the south and is surrounded by a grove of white spruce trees, that affords a protection in cold weather.
In the front of the building are two glass doors leading into a hall. From the hall are two stairways, one going to the basement and one to the main floor where two spacious cloakrooms are found.
The class room is large and well lighted with windows all on the east side. The front and west sides have slate blackboards. There is a cabinet, Victrola, a large desk and chair, map cases and charts in the front of the room. The room seats forty pupils. There are framed pictures on the walls and a cabinet containing specimens of trees grown in the district. In the back of the room is a bookcase built in the wall. Two doors lead from the back to two halls from which there are two entrances; one leading to two kaustic toilets, and the other to the rear where there are two small porches with stairways leading to the playgrounds.
The basement consists of three rooms. The furnace room, store room, and large room. The large room is used as a playroom, lunch room and a work room. In this room is a long table with benches around it at which the children eat their lunch and work at their raffia baskets. In one corner oilstove and cooking utensils. This room is well heated and lighted.
In the furnace room is a large Rudy furnace which has given entire satisfaction. It was installed by Victor Lohman of the Standard Sheet and Metal company of Waukegan. There are also two septic tanks and space for coal, wood and kindling.
There is a chain leading from the draft of the furnace to an electric battery which is connected with the classroom by wires fastened to a thermometer and a clock, which works automatically. When the room reaches 70 degrees, the battery releases and shuts off the draft. Then if rooms become cold, the drafts are opened.
From the outside is a large steel lined air shute, which takes cold air to the furnace where it is heated and then taken up through another shute to the class room, where it enters through an opening about two inches above the floor on the west side. A few feet away from this is another opening which leads to a flue which takes away the impure air.
There is a foot warmer in the back of the room, and a large opening on the west side where the heat from the furnace enters.
There is a garage for a car and a deep well which provides good drinking water.
The people of the district are very proud of their school. They hope in a few years to have a playground equipment, water installed and an electric light system.
Our school is listed as a superior school and dedication exercises will be the next big event of the district.
Antioch News23 April 1923
George Kerr, who has been ill for several months, passed away Friday evening at the home of his brother, James Kerr, where he has lived this winter. His entire life has been spent in this vicinity except a few years away at school, as he was a deaf mute. His wife and one son passed on several years ago. Two sons, George of Neenah, Wis., and Irving of Lake Villa, one daughter, Edna, of St. Paul, Minn., survive. The funeral was held from the Kerr home Monday afternoon, with burial in Millburn.
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