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Newspaper Clippings for
May, 1919

Antioch News1 May 1919
Miss Aneta Hucker closed the Hockaday school Friday and left Monday for North Chicago, where she has accepted a position to teach at the graded school.

E. A. Martin and D. M. White were Chicago visitors Friday.

E. A. Martin and wife transacted business in Chicago this week.

The social held at W. B. Stewart's Friday evening was well attended.

Victor Gillings our former mail carrier returned home from France the past week.

Schuyler Denman and Miss Ruth Pollock spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Denman of Libertyville.

Several of the pupils of the Hockaday school attended the contest at the Wadsworth school Thursday.

Antioch News15 May 1919
Henry Strang of Waukegan Succumbs to His Injuries
Henry Strang, who was seriously injured in an auto accident in Kenosha about two weeks ago and whose condition for a time was considered as favorable, suffered a relapse last Thursday evening and his family were hastily summoned to his bedside in the Kenosha hospital. Serious complications developed and he passed away Monday morning.
The deceased was born at Millburn and was among the best known people in that locality. When a young man he learned the barber trade and located here. He was Antioch's first barber. About twenty-five years ago he moved to Waukegan and entered into the same business. A few years ago he took Lew Gullidge into partnership and about three months ago sold his interest to his partner and retired from active business.
In the recent campaign Mr. Strang was elected as commissioner of the city of Waukegan and although he qualified for the position, his injuries and death prevented him from having assumed his new duties.
There were few men better known in the county than Mr. Strang. He numbered his friends by the thousand.
Besides his widow he leaves two children, Gerald and Ethel, also the following brothers and sisters: Will of Waukegan; Robert, of Gurnee; George, of Grayslake; Thomas of Libertyville; Peter, of Millburn; Mrs. Philip Bensinger, of Libertyville and Miss Emma Strang of Waukegan.
The funeral services were held Wednesday morning and were attended by an exceptionally large number of relatives and friends. The supervisors, the city and county officials attended in a body.
Antioch News22 May 1919
Herbert Strang Dies Very Suddenly
Lake County friends of Herbert Strang, a son of former postmaster Thomas Strang, of Libertyville and late of Wadsworth will be surprised to hear that he dropped dead suddenly at his home in Highland Park Thursday evening. Heart trouble is believed to have been the cause.
Mr. Strang was 40 years old and had been employed as conductor on the electric line for the past twenty years. He was one of the oldest men in service on the road.
He was feeling as good as usual on Thursday, chatted with friends in the street before going home for the night and his shockingly sudden death was hard to understand. He had worked all day and it was nine o'clock when he reached his home. He picked up the paper and made the remark to his wife that he had a strange pain his system. Shortly afterwards he was obliged to go to bed and at eleven o'clock he had succumbed.
Besides his wife he leaves four children. The wife and children returned from Florida only five weeks ago. Mrs. Strang formerly was Miss Ives.
There have been four deaths in the Strang family since last October. At that time Wesley Strang of Gurnee, died from wounds received in action in France. Mrs. Ed Bartlett of Wadsworth died the latter part of December. Henry Strang of Waukegan died May 12. Mrs. Bartlett was a sister of Henry Strang and an aunt of Wesley and Herbert Strang.
The body of Wesley Strang will be brought home from France for burial, relatives having requested the government to do so. They had the choice of leaving his body in France or placing it in the national cemetery in Washington or returning it to Gurnee.

Ward Bain or Racine transacted business here Friday.

C. E. Denman and family spent Sunday at Libertyville.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin and W. A. Bonner were in Chicago Friday.

Miss Jessie Cannon of Chicago spent the week-end with Miss Ruth Pollock.

About forty attended the social at the home of J. A. Thain Friday evening.

Miss Bertha White of Chicago spent a short time with her parents the past week.

The Misses Aneta and Gertrude Hucker of Antioch were visitors here Saturday.

The Dodge school closed with a picnic on Monday at Hastings Lake, Miss Sheehan, teacher.

Antioch News28 May 1919
Charlie Gallagher formerly of this vicinity died Saturday at the Great Lakes. Burial Monday from his home at Wadsworth.

Miss Ruth Pollock attended the county contest at Libertyville Friday with some of her pupils.

Several of the Eastern Stars from here were entertained at Antioch on Thursday afternoon and evening.

L. Brockway and Wife, Mrs. Wilmot and Miss Keyes of Waukegan called on friends here Sunday.

Mrs. Dawson spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Victor Strang.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Spangler and children and Mr. Gregory of Highland Park called on Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman recently.

Mrs. D. M. White and granddaughter Grace Denman, leave this week to visit Prof. E. A. White at Urbana, and D. M. White will go to Waukesha for a week or ten days.

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