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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1918

Antioch News5 September 1918
Irene Kidd is attending high school at Antioch.

Miss Ruth Pollock is teaching the Rosecrans school.

Miss Anna Drom of Antioch will teach the Waterbury school.

Jessie Ann Strang returned home from St. John, Ind., Friday.

Mrs. Mooney and Mrs. Burke of Antioch were callers here Sunday.

The Red Cross society will meet with Mrs. Ethel Bonner, Sept. 11.

N. Nellson left Friday for New York where he will visit A. K. Bain family.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Jack gave a party Saturday evening in honor of their children and a very pleasant evening was spent.

Antioch News12 September 1918
Pretty Home Wedding Wednesday Afternoon
The summer home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hillebrand, at Cross Lake, was the scene of a very pretty home wedding Wednesday afternoon when their eldest daughter, Louise Mae became the bride of Robert L. Smart.
The ceremony took place at four o'clock in the presence of over one hundred relatives and friends of the contracting parties, and was performed by Rev. A. B. Curtis of Dexter, Mich., who has been a close friend of the Hillebrand family for a number of years, and who formerly lived at Spear where he presided at the baptismal services of the bride and her sisters at the time they united with his church.
The home was beautifully decorated for the occasion and at exactly four o'clock as the strains of the wedding march, played by Mrs. Wm. Teckert, sounded through the rooms, the bridal party appeared and took their place under a beautiful canopy of flowers and bells, and as a hush decended upon the merry gathering the impressive words were spoken.
The bride was attired in a gown of white georgette crepe and carried a bouquet of white roses. She was given in marriage by her father, and was attended by her sister Charity, who wore a gown of pink georgette crepe and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Donald, the only brother of the groom served as best man. Little Louise Simons, neice of the groom acted as flower girl, while Martha Hillebrand, youngest sister of the bride and Helen and Irene Kettlehut served as ribbon girls.
After the ceremony and congratulations were over a sumptuous luncheon served, after which the bride and groom made a hasty getaway. Where they were going and how long they intend to be away, is their secret, which they shared with no one, but suffice to say their return will be closely watched by those who wish to give them a hearty welcome home. Upon their return home they will set up housekeeping at once in the new home which the groom has built and furnished for the reception of his bride.
The groom, who is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Smart, has lived at this place all his life, and the bride has been a resident of this village for several years, and both have hosts of friends who unite in wishing them a bright and happy future.

Mrs. Martin was in Chicago Friday.

Jesse Denman Sr., is visiting his son C. E. Denman.

The Misses Helen and Jessie Cannon are in Waukegan.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. David Young on Sept. 13, a son.

Mr. John Bonner was a Waukegan visitor the past week.

Mrs. Wesie of Chicago visited the home folks the past week.

Miss Dora Hook of Waukegan spent the week end with the home folks.

Miss Catherine McCann and a friend from Chicago spent the week- end with home folks.

Several from this vicinity attended the Wisconsin State fair at Milwaukee Thursday and Friday.

Antioch News19 September 1918
Albert Ellsberry, while working around a threshing machine yesterday afternoon on a farm near Millburn, got one of his hands caught in cog-wheels on the threshing machine and had his fingers badly crushed. He was taken to McAlister hospital. He may lose some of his fingers.

Hal Stephens left last week for the army.

Mrs. Geo. White and son is spending this week with her parents.

A. H. Stewart left Monday to spend a week with his children in Chicago.

Messrs. Thain, Martin and Downer were Chicago visitors the last of the week.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews has returned home from Kenosha accompanied by Mrs. Chas. Mathews.

C. E. Denman and wife were Libertyville visitors Saturday. E. E. Denman accompanied them home.

Elbert Elsbury had his fingers on his right hand crushed in the cogs of the threshing machine. Dr. Jamieson took him to the hospital and had them removed.

Antioch News26 September 1918
Mrs. E. A. Martin is visiting in Chicago this week.

Mortie Cannon of Kenosha arrived in Millburn Monday.

Miss Pearl Cleveland of Chicago is visiting home folks.

The Ladies Aid society met with Mrs. D. M. White Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman entertained company from Chicago the past week.

Mrs. Geo. White returned home on Sunday having spent two weeks with home folks.

John Fulton and family of Waukegan are occupying the Pollock house. They were burnt out Sunday.

Warren Hook and several of the family, E. N. Cannon and Fred Spring are sick with the Spanish grip.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin and son Richard spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Achen at Kenosha.

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