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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1918

Antioch News17 January 1918
E. M. Cannon will have his sale Tuesday, could not postpone it.

The Cemetery meeting was held on Monday and the same officers elected.

There is no flour, oil or sugar also many other things the merchant is out of.

Mrs. J. H. Bonner and Leslie Bonner spent Thursday in Chicago with Mr. Bonner.

J. H. Bonner is in the German-American hospital for an operation for appendicitis.

The Millburn Mutual Insurance company have postponed their meeting till January 26.

The roads are terrible, business was paralyzed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some of the milk moved Monday.

Antioch News24 January 1918
Wm. Truax and wife spent Wednesday and Thursday in Waukegan.

Mrs. LeVoy and J. S. Denman have been on the sick list the past week.

The Red Cross society will give a card party soon to raise money to pay for supplies.

The Millburn Mutual Insurance Co., will hold their meeting Saturday, Jan. 28, weather permitting.

Edwin Denman and wife of Libertyville spent several days with home returning Tuesday.

E. W. Cannon having bought the property west of Millburn, formerly the McDougall place, will move there last of this week.

The Millburn Red Cross society returned finished a number of scarfs, sweaters, socks, helmets and other work to Libertyville the past week.

Antioch News31 January 1918
The Ladies Aid meeting is postponed until further notice.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Denman on Jan. 25.

J. H. Bonner returned home from Chicago Tuesday, where he has been for three weeks.

E. N. Cannon and family moved to their new home Tuesday and the same day Archie Webb moved to the Cannon farm.

The Millburn Insurance company held their meeting, Jan. 26, and on account of the storm there was a very small attendance. They elected all of the old officers.

There will be a card party and basket social for the benefit of the Red Cross held at the Masonic hall Friday evening Feb. 1st. Card free. Boxes sold to highest bidder. Ladies bring lunch for two. Everybody come and help the Red Cross.

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