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Newspaper Clippings for
December, 1912

Antioch News5 December 1912
E. A. Cannon is visiting relatives in Nebraska.

Earl White of Madison, spent Sunday with his parents here.

Miss Maude Cleveland spent the past week with her parents.

Earl Griffin of Waukegan spent several days with his brother Paul.

Mrs. Guy Hughes and Mrs. Earnest White spent last week in Kenosha

A. H. Stewart returned home Saturday having spent a week with relatives in Chicago.

Leon Strang returned to Urbana on Sunday after spending a week with the home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner left Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Bonner's nephew, Roy Dodge at Peoria.

Richard Thain, an uncle of Mrs. S. J. Levoy and J. A. Thain died at his home in Oak Park, Nov. 27. Mr. Thain is well known here.

Antioch News12 December 1912
Magician Is Able to Fool All the People All the Time.
Edwin Brush, magician, has come near disproving Lincoln's famous saying by fooling all of the people all of the time for the last half dozen years, and the people seem to enjoy being fooled, in this way at least. A good magician is popular always, and Mr. Brush is plainly in that class.
Those who enjoy a wholesome, forget-your-troubles entertainment should make a point to see and hear Mr. Brush. He believes heartily in the mission of mirth and holds that a laugh is no less sacred than a tear.
Mr. Brush comes with but one assistant, but he brings with him a large quantity of baggage and stage settings that will please the eye and add to the attractiveness of the entertainment.
At the Millburn Church
Sat. Eve. Dec. 21
Admission 15 and 25 cents

Mrs. Mary Bater has been sick for the past two weeks.

Miss Inez Pollock of Chicago spent Sunday with her mother.

Mrs. J. A. Strang is entertaining her brother-in-law from North Dakota.

Gordon Bonner and Victor Strang attended the Stock show in Chicago.

The C. E. society will give a course of entertainments this winter the first on Dec. 21.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bonner attended the funeral of Roy Dodge at Peoria, Ill., returning home Tuesday.

Missionary society met with Mrs. Geo. Jamieson Wednesday. Miss Foote gave her report of the Evanston meeting.

Antioch News19 December 1912
The Dodge school will close Friday for two weeks.

Newport township are hauling gravel on the roads.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews returned from Kenosha Friday.

Mission Study class met with Mrs. George Jamieson Thursday.

The Hockaday school is closed on account of the teachers illness.

Miss Ada Tillotson of Pikeville visited several days with Mrs. Mathews.

Brush the great Magician will be at the church Saturday evening, Dec. 21.

The Sunday school will have Xmas exercises and tree at the church Monday evening.

from a loose clipping, source unknown 22 December 1912
(Editor's note: several facts are incorrect in the following obituary)
Last of the famous Strang Family died yesterday afternoon at Antioch was ninety-one years old at time of death.
A Resident of Lake County for the Past Seventy-Six Years
One of Best Known Women
Miss Janet Strang Thayer the last of the famous Strang family, among the first settlers in Lake County, and a sister of Jan McAlister, after whom the Jane McAlister hospital in Waukegan is named, died at Antioch yesterday afternoon at the age of ninety-one.
Perhaps there is no family in the county who is so well known as the Strangs. Mr. and Mrs. John Strang, the parents of eight children, came to Lake County seventy-six years ago from Scotland.
Sketch of Her Life
Mrs. Thayer was born December 21, 1821, in Glascow, Scotland, and came to America with her parents when a child of fifteen years. The entire family came direct to Lake County, and the great majority of them have resided here since that time.
On September 14, 1845 she was married to William Emerson Thayer, who was then a prominent young man of Antioch. He passed away nineteen years ago. There were five children born, Parnell of Highland Park, George (deceased), John S. of Antioch, Mrs. George Webb of Antioch, and Mrs. John Adams (deceased).
Funeral services are to be held tomorrow morning from the church at Millburn, near where the family had lived for more than three-quarters of a century.
The scores throughout the county who knew Mrs. Thayer as the last of the old family of Strang will be pained to learn of her death. She has many relatives in the city and county at the present time.
Antioch News26 December 1912
Was One of Antioch's Oldest Residents;
Had Lived Here Many Years.
Mrs. Janet Thayer, one of the oldest residents of our village passed into the Great Beyond on Sunday of this week, at the hour of one o'clock. The deceased had reached the advanced age of 91 years, 3 months and 12 days. Although considered quite smart for one of her years, she has been noticeably failing for sometime, but when her final illness came it was of only one week's duration.
Janet Strang was born Sept. 10, 1821, at Glasco, Scotland, and came to this country with her parents when fifteen years of age and settled at Millburn, Ill. On the fourteenth day of September, 1845, she was united in marriage to William Emmerson Thayer, also of Millburn, and to this union five children were born, three of whom, Mrs. Geo. Webb and John Thayer of Antioch and Parnell M. Thayer of Highland Park, still survive to mourn the loss of a devoted mother. Her husband passed away nineteen years ago. Mrs. Thayer was the last of a family of ten children. Mrs. Thayer was sister of the late Mrs. Jane McAlister, who founded the McAlister hospital at Waukegan.
For seventy-six years her home has been within the bounderies of Lake County, in her younger years upon a farm near Millburn and for the last eighteen years in this village.
The funeral services are held today (Thursday) at 11 o'clock at the home and 1 o'clock at the Millburn church. Interment will be in the Millburn cemetery.

A Happy New Year to all.

Brush, the great magician was fine.

Mrs. H. Tower is entertaining Mrs. Heitman of Chicago.

Clarence Bonner and wife of Evanston spent Xmas here.

Mrs. Alex Hughes is visiting her parents at Urbana, Ill.

Geo. Safford of Chicago spent several days with his parents here.

Leon Strang of Urbana, Ill., is spending his vacation with the home folks.

Miss Pearl Cleveland will close her school with a Christmas tree this week.

Richard and Irving Duncan of Fargo, N. D., will spend a week with their grandmother, Mrs. Jamieson.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Denman and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Denman and family spent Xmas at the home of W. G. McGuire.

Miss Iva McGuire of Waukegan is seriously ill at the hospital. She is a cousin of Mrs. W. M. Bonner and W. G. McGuire.

Herbert Hastings of Colorado, was killed in an auto accident in Oregon. He formerly lived at Hastings Lake in this vicinity.

The church society and church members will hold their annual election of officers on Monday, Jan. 6, at 2 p. m., at the church.

The Ladies Aid society will hold their regular monthly meeting at the church Jan. 2, for the election of officers. Dinner served by Mrs. J. H. Bonner and Miss Vivian Bonner.

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