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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1909

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 3 November 1909
Somewhere about the tenth of this month Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D. Ames of Rosecrans celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. They will observe the day quietly. Mr. Ames is a well to do and retired farmer and a teacher in early times at the historic Browe school in Newport town. Mrs. Ames was a Sessler and has relatives here. The old couple now reside in the village of Rosecrans and are universally honored and respected.
In early days when wilderness was king Mr. Ames knew every foot of this state and Wisconsin and hunted and trapped over it all. He is one of the very few who have a perfect recollection of pioneer times here. He is a man of very wide learning and broad intelligence and is considered a leader in the thought of the county.
from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 6 November 1909
Miss Lucy Spafford is visiting an old schoolmate at Milton, Wis.

Mr. E. A. Martin is on the sick list.

Mrs. J. A. Strang had a very painful and serious operation on her head last Tuesday and is in the hospital in Chicago.

Mrs. C. B. Cummings of Waukegan transacted business in Millburn Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Tombaugh of Waukegan visited Sunday and Monday with friends.

The rummage sale was well attended at W. J. White's. H. D. Hughes of Gurnee was auctioneer.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bain of Racine spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain and R. L. Strang.

Miss Ruby Gillings visited friends in Waukegan Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Roy Hughes of Chicago is staying with her mother during Miss Lucy's absence.

Mr. and Mrs. James Pollock attended the funeral of Mrs. Stephen Payne at Ivanhoe last Saturday. Mrs. Payne is a sister of Mr. Pollock.

Mrs. Clarence Bonner and Bert Trotter, of Chicago, visited a few days with A. K. Bain.

Mrs. C. A. Mathews and Mrs. Josephine Mathews was returned Tuesday after a two weeks visit in Kenosha.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy James, of Columbus, Ohio, on their way to Minneapolis visited with H. B. Tower and Grandma Tower a few days.

Friends of A. K. Bain from Evanston came out Sunday in their auto and Bert Trotter returned with them.

Frank Foster has rented the Boyse farm known as the Heddle farm and will move soon.

Mrs. Alice Stewart, of Waukegan, spent Thursday with her uncle, W. J. White.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 15 November 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonner and Robert Bonner, of Chicago spent Sunday with the home folks.

Geo. White, of Rochester, Wis., and Earl of Urbana, spent Saturday and Sunday with their parents.

Miss Florence Anderson and Mable Smith of Lake Forest visited the former's grandmother, Mrs. Geo. Strang, Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Edward Gerry and children returned home Friday from Kansas where they have been visiting several weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Denman, of Highland Park, visited a few days with C. E. Denman and family.

C. B. Cummings, of Waukegan, spent a short time in Millburn the past week.

Mrs. Wm. Thom, of Libertyville, formerly of Millburn returned from Nebraska and has been very ill.

Miss Lucy Spafford returned home last Tuesday from Milton, Wis.

Mrs. Josephine Mathews left last Friday for Rochester, Minn., where she has gone to spend the winter with her aunt.

Mrs. Geo. Gerrity and children, of Union Grove, visited a few days with Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower.

Jesse Denman returned to Lincoln Monday having spent sometime with his son, C. E. Denman.

Mrs. Roy Hughes returned to her home in Chicago last Thursday.

Rev. A. W. Safford was called to preach the funeral sermon of L. H. Budlong a Chicago pioneer Tuesday.

C. E. Topic, Nov. 14, Pilgrim Progress series XI, "Beulah Land". Vivien Bonner, leader.

The Ladies' Aid Society will hold their annual bazaar Thursday, Dec. 2. The young people are requested to make fancy work for the bazzar.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 20 November 1909
Former Member of State Legislature
and Famous CheckerPlayer Dead
Pollock Killed in Accident When Pitched from Buggy
Near Bean Hill School.
JAMES POLLOCK-At Millburn, Ill., as the result of a runaway accident.
James Pollock, ever to be remembered as the Lake county man who going bankrupt in a partnership firm years ago, took the burden of clearing obligations upon himself and after many years succeeded to a great extent, was killed, yesterday in a fall from his buggy near the Bean Hill school near Antioch, and Lake county loses a former representative in the legislature at Springfield. He was also the best checker player in the county.
Killed Almost Instantly.
Pollock was driving along pretty rapidly down a steep hill and as he turned into a farm yard near the Bean Hill school he was thrown from his buggy and to the ground alighting on his head and being killed almost instantly.
Charles Christianson, in front of whose house the accident took place, brought the fatally injured man to his residence, but he died without ever regaining consciousness. The accident took place between four and four thirty. The shock of the death is felt all over the county. Dr. W. W. Warriner attended the victim and later the body was removed to Millburn, where the inquest was held at noon today.
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