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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1909

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 9 January 1909
Mrs. Elizabeth Tower returned from Round Lake last Thursday where she has been visiting the past week.

Miss Helen Safford returned to Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill., Monday.

Mrs. Sarah Dodge and Vera Worden of Rochester, Wis., visited at David White's.

Ernest White, of Idaho, returned home the last day of the old year just in time to join in the family reunion.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bock and children of Canada are back in the states to stay a few months. They are visiting at David White's and will go to Mrs. Bock's mother's at Rochester in a few days.

Mrs. Norman Adams and daughters visited Mr. and Mrs. Pantall the past week.

Miss Emma White, of Michigan, is visiting relatives in this vicinity.

We are glad to note that Richard Pantall is better and able to be in the store again.

Miss Annie McCreadie returned to Waukegan Saturday.

Miss Maggie White, of Lyons, Neb., is visiting her uncle, W. J. White.

Wm. Mitchell and family returned to their home in Waukegan Saturday.

Miss Cora Hook returned home Monday.

Have you had, or are you going to have your cows tested? It is the order of the day.

Installing Officer Wm. Oliver, of Russell, Grand Marshall Mrs. Rushmore, of Lake Villa, for both the Eastern Star chapter and the Masons. The following are the officers for Antioch lodge 127: Dr. Homer E. Jamison, W. M.; John Tunin, S. W.; John Bonner, J. W.; Alfred Meade, S. D.; James Kerr, J. D.; Henry _____, Sec., Richard Pantall, Treas. Chas. Harbang, chaplain; Elmer Cannon, S. S.; Mr. Rushmore, J. S.; A. K. Bain, Tyler. Edward Martin was Grand Marshall for the Masons.

A. C. Bartlett of Rockford was here on business yesterday.

Mary Eichanger visited several days with her cousins, the Gerritys, at Round Lake.

The South Side Telephone Co. will hold their annual meeting at the Dodge school house Tuesday night.

The annual insurance meeting Jan. 9 at Mason's hall and dinner served by the ladies of the church. A chicken pie dinner will be served.

Antioch Lodge 127 of Millburn and the Eastern Stars gave a public installation and watch meeting New Year's eve. The following officers for the Eastern Star were installed: Mrs. Nellie Bain, W. M.; John Bonner, W. P.; Mrs. Stephens, A. M.; Sarah Meade, Sec; Nettie Cannon, Treas.; Mamie Crawford, Conductress; Hattie Thain, Asst. Conductress; Hattie Kerr, Marshall; Lucy Trotter, organist; Kate Bonner, Warden; Elmer Cannon, Sentinel; Hattie Oliver, Adah; Belle Irving, Ruth; Hannah Patch, Esther; Hazel Thain, Martha; Carrie Irving, Electa.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 16 January 1909
Mrs. Mary Yule visited several days with relatives in Waukegan recently.

Wm. Thom attended the Zion City poultry show and entered his prize Orpington chickens. He took several prizes, one a silver cup and also sold several for a good price.

The insurance meeting held last Saturday was fairly well attended and the same officers were re-elected.

A. W. Safford and James Jamieson transacted business in Chicago Monday.

James Pollock transacted business several days this week at Kansasville, Wis.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bonner visited with Mrs. Mina Gilbert and family of Round Lake Monday.

Ed Martin was a Chicago visitor this week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Bain spent last Friday evening at Lake Villa.

Cottage prayer meeting this week at the home of Mrs. Bater.

Messrs. Thomas Kidd, J. H. Bonner, R. H. Edmonds and Wm. Cremins each last a horse the past week.

Alfred Spafford had a runaway Sunday morning. A bolt broke and parted the wagon and upset the wagon in the ditch and cut one horse very bad, also throwing Alfred to the ground.

C. E. Business meeting was held at the home of Miss Hazel Thain last Friday and a very pleasant evening was spent.

The Ladies' Aid Society met Thursday in the church parlor and dinner was served by Mrs. and Miss Bater and Mrs. J. H. Bonner.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 23 January 1909
John LeVoy was quite sick Sunday but is better at present writing. Alex Thom has also been sick the past week.

Misses Vivian Bonner and Bertha White are at Urbana taking a two weeks course in domestic science.

Prayer meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Geo Jamieson this week.

Rev. Holcomb preached the sermon Sunday morning.

Miss Maggie White, of Lyons, Neb., spent the past week with Mrs. Mary Yule.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wells were Antioch callers the past week.

Miss Pearl Cleveland had no school Monday at the Vose school on account of the stove being repaired.

Wm. G. Thom went to Zion City Monday and brought home a solid silver cup which he won at the poultry show.

David Young visited his sister, Mrs. Clarke, in Chicago Sunday.

Mrs. Robt. Strang's nurse, Mrs. Jensen, of Zion City, returned last Saturday to resume her duties after a four weeks rest. Mrs. Wedge filled her place while she was away.

Rev. Holcomb recently of New Mexico, is visiting his friend, Rev. A. W. Safford.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jamieson went to the city Monday to visit their daughter, Mrs. Paddgett until Friday. Mr. Jamieson is still on the federal jury.

Mr. and Mrs. John Chope spent Sunday in Waukegan with their sister, Mrs. McCrone.

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Tower and Jessie and Geo. Jamieson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gerrity at Round Lake.

E. A. Martin transacted business in Chicago last week.

The Ladies' Aid Society was well attended last Thursday and the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Geo. Stephens; vice president, Mrs. Jas. Jamieson; secretary, Miss Foote and treasurer, Mrs. J. H. Bonner.

Ernest Wedge returned home from Waukegan last week and is getting along nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Martin entertained a few friends Saturday evening at a six o'clock dinner. Those present were: Hazel Thain, Tessie and Ed Cunningham and Ernest White.

from the pages of the Waukegan Daily Sun 30 January 1909
W. J. White left Monday for Springfield, Ill., as a delegate to the Mutual Insurance convention and Mrs. White will visit at Pontiac until he returns.

Mrs. Frank Yule, of Somers, spent last Thursday with her mother, Mrs. R. Strang.

Born Jan 23, to Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Jamison, a daughter. Mother and child doing well.

Mrs. Tyler Gilbert, of Round Lake, visited her brother and sister last week.

Rev. Holcom returned to Milwaukee last Thursday.

Jeppe Jepson transacted business in Chicago Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Jamieson returned home Friday from a week's visit with their children. Mr. Jamieson still attends the federal court.

The friends of Geo. and Jessie Jamieson gave them a surprise last Tuesday evening. Cards were the pastime and a general good time was had by all.

Wm. Bonner and Miss Aggie spent Monday visiting their sister, Mina, at Round Lake.

It is rumored that 400 acres of the Fahrney farm have been sold to a Mr. Russell and that they will soon move into the Fahrney house and the tenant, Mr. Wilson, will work his time out.

The Ladies' Aid Society will hold their regular monthly meeting in the church parlor, Thursday, Feb 4. Dinner will be served.

Died at her home in Elgin, Ill., some time ago, Mrs. Ella Smith Stedman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smith and sister to Mrs. D. H. Minto and Hannah Smith. She died of pneumonia.

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