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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 1899

from the Waukegan Daily Gazette-Register 6 January 1899
Will Rose who was home from Beloit college for the holidays, has been quite sick the last two weeks, the doctor thinks he will be able to return next week.

Miss Donaldson and her brother, of Spring Valley farm (known formerly as the Goodnow farm) are attending the Millburn High School.

The High school now has twenty-two scholars and more and more to follow. Prof. Speckman can teach them anything they wish to study.

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Stewart, of Waukegan, responded to an invitation to dine the last day of the year at Mrs. Wm. White's.

Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stewart had a few friends to dinner Saturday.

Mr. Pantall spent a few days in the city, returning Thursday.

The Macabees will have a public installation of officers Jan. 12, there will be a program. Lodge workers from the city are expected to be present on that occasion. A cordial invitation is extended to all who may wish to see that interesting ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes gave a large dinner party Monday.

There will be meeting held in the church every day next week, Monday evening, Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs. Harriet Chittenden Cadwell (formerly of Waukegan) now of San Jose, Cal., had a serious fall last week and was not expected to live many days. She has many relatives in this county.

Jennie Smith, of Racine Junction, Wis., is visiting her uncle H. Mathews and other friends here.

There is quite a large addition being built on the house at Spring Valley farm, owned by Dr. Farhney.

Dr. Taylor was quite sick last week but is much better now. Edwin Taylor returned to the city Sunday evening.

The young people had a little party at Mrs. Bater's Saturday night and saw the old year depart and the new one arrive.

from Waukegan Sun20 January 1899
A number of pupils attended the birthday party given at Antioch last Wednesday night.

The German class met at Mrs. Matthew's this week.

Since last report Mesdames A. Trotter and M. White visited the school.

A number viewed Venus and other heavenly bodies through the telescope one night last week.

The work in Physical Geography was illustrated one day this week by means of a large collection of ores, fossils, petrifactions, etc.

Classes have been organized for reviewing Physiology and U. S. History. Higher Arithmetic is the most popular study that we have judging by the number pursuing it. The class numbers twenty-two members.

The M. E. M. L. and D. Society found its old constitution to be insufficient for its existence and adopted a new one. It has some thirty members and is flourishing.

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