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Newspaper Clippings for

July, 1896

from the pages of the Gazette 4 July 1896

The truthfulness of Dame Rumor was substantiated when Miss Cora E. Wedge, accompanied by Mr. Harlow Combs, boarded the noon train for Milwaukee, Saturday, July 4th. The young couple were accompanied to the depot by Mr. and Mrs. John Wedge, father and mother of the bride, and Miss Bertha Wedge, her sister.

Arriving at Milwaukee, they were united in marriage by the Rev. Matthew Evans, of the Ashbury M. E. church, at his residence, 492 Washington street.

After a two day's sojourn in Milwaukee, they took a C. M. & St. P. train for Britt, Iowa, where the groom's parents reside, where they will visit for a short time. They will return via St. Paul and Minneapolis, arriving in Waukegan, the first part of August.

Mr. H. M. Combs, the groom, is one well known as one of the bright and promising young men of our city. Residing here from boyhood, he manifested his sterling qualities by constant application in the acquiring of an education, and early graduated from our High school with high honors. Late years he has been in the employ of the Washburn-Moen Manufacturing Company, holding a responsible position in the shipping department.

The bride, a well-known and highly esteemed lady of Millburn, has many friends, not only in that vicinity, but in this city as well.

Upon the return of Mr. and Mrs. Combs to Waukegan, they will be overwhelmed with congratulations and well wishes, in which the GAZETTE, will heartily unite.

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