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Newspaper Clippings for
February, 1885

from Gazette7 February 1885
Alex Murrie is no longer a granger. he has chosen harness making for life's occupation, and began his apprenticeship with Mr. Hyland in Waukgan.

Ladies Aid Society enjoyed their monthly gathering at Mrs. Will Stewart's this week.

Ladies A.M.A. Society has sent $20.00 to the teacher in the South whom they assist in supporting.

It now appears that Mr. Sheehan did not immediately kill all his hogs that were bitten by that rabid dog, but shut them up to observe results. They have since gone mad.

One more old settler of this community has passed away from the scenes of a long and busy life, Albert Webb died on Tuesday at the ripe age of 76 years. He had been sick about seven weeks.

The following names are of pupils in the Millburn school, who have passed above 80 per cent, recitation, reviews and examinations, for each school month of the first term: Emma Strang, Bertha Pollock, Jessie Strang, Ethel Hughes, Ellen Rose, Libbie Jamieson, Cora Happle, Leverett Gorham and Henry Pollock.

Remember the Wilberforce Colored Singers will give you the finest concert ever heard in Millburn about the middle of this month. Look out for date and don't miss it.

from Gazette14 February 1885
The date is now fixed. Make all preparations for the finest concert you ever heard. The Wilberforce Colored Singers, sing in the Congregational church next Friday night, Feb. 20th

Robert Strang had the misfortune to lose a horse last week. He had started for a load of wood, and while crossing Hastings lake, the horse was taken sick and died in about fifteen minutes. Cause of the death is not known.

George Strang and family are home from their extended visit in Kansas and Missouri

John Rose, our enterprising mail carrier, was undaunted by the blizzard. Though he may have had few passengers he "deserves the fare."

Hon. James Pollock made a business trip into Iowa last week. He took a little rest at home, Sunday before entering the Senatorial fight.

from Gazette21 February 1885
John McGuire's baby has been quite sick this week.

Mrs. Parker has also been obliged to summon the Doctor and Mrs. Thain had an attack of the illness to which she is subject and has suffered a great deal of pain for a few days.

The death messenger has once more visited this community. This time Mr. Eugene Moran was the mark he sought. Mr. Moran, though not an old man had been a sufferer the most of his life, having been afflicted with the Asthma. The funeral services were held Tuesday at the Catholic church.

Remember the sale of fine stock at the Sunny Hill Stock and Dairy Farm next Monday.

from Gazette28 February 1885
Mrs. Bain returned last week from the East, where she has visited since last Fall.

Some of our young men have secured their places of labor for the next season. Will Allen works for "Scotch" Smith and has already taken up his abode there. Brady Tukey takes Will's place at John Strang's.

Edith Huntley is home from the city, and is staying at Mr. Matthew's for the present.

Miss Carrie Bater visits her sister, Mrs. Cannon, near Marengo, this week.

Something over five hundred people attended the concert Friday night, and several loads were obliged to go away, being unable to get inside the overcrowded house. After having heard Mr. Rogers, the elocutionist, we thought, did not appear to good advantage. The singing was well enjoyed, and some thought they would crowd the house again.

A fine day, a fine lot of men and some fine stock were all to be seen at the sale last Monday. Among the highest bidders were Captain Pollock, Mr. Russell, of Volo, and Mr. Higgins, of Pleasant Prairie, Wis.: Mr. Pollock taking a fine three year-old colt, and the two latter gentlemen a thoroughbred bull each, besides some other stock.

Mr. Gallagher is believed to be lying at the point of death.

Part of the lumber for Mr. Pantall's store is now piled in the street. The building will be erected as early in the Spring as possible.

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