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Cemetery Preservation

marker in cemetery park
Millburn Cemetery is a convenient and well maintained burial ground located just east of the village on Millburn Road, across from Millburn School.

Our activites in the cemetery began years ago, when one of our charter members made a donation to provide a park and marker (photo at right) at the west end of the grounds. The brass plaque is attached to large boulder. Memorial Day services have been held in the park each year until 2005, when they were moved to the flagpole area.

In the early 21st century, the H.M.C.A., Inc. raised funds to help defray the cost of replicating the cemetery fence along Millburn Road.


Repairs to main gate:

before image of main gate
before repair
  after image of main gate
after repair

We have more information about the cemetery in our online archives: history of the cemetery, lists of veterans, our participation in Memorial Day services, etc.

Please note that we do not own nor manage the cemetery. We are not able to provide genealogical research based upon cemetery records, as we do not have access to them.