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Historic Building 2
19000 Grass Lake Road

photo of Robert Strang Store

Buildings 2 and 3 are adjoined. 3 is on the left. 2 is on the right.

Building on left added 1880. Store on right built 1856.
DateTypeSize (k)Comments
1991color176most recent
1979b/w55for Historic Register
1962color170loose photo
1956b/w37from E. Foster's History
ca. 1875b/w46from E. Foster's History

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the following comments are copied from the application for the National Historic Register
Robert Strang, the eldest son of John Strang, Sr., and the only one who did not go to California, was engaged in farming until 1856, when he built this store. Being the eldest son. one of the three who made the original land claim, and the only one to remain at Millburn without interruption, Robert Strang may be presumed to have been the one most responsible for establishing the settlement. His store was the first in or near Millburn.