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History of Schools
Millburn Area

Read a History of Millburn area schools, detailing how Millburn came to have a consolidated school district.

We found ninety-seven year old Ida Mae Runyard living in a nearby community. She was the teacher at Hockaday School in Millburn in 1919. Read about her teaching experience at Hockaday, the last year it existed.

We have an extensive history of the Millburn area written by former students of Grubb School, which includes development of the area, biographies of the teachers, and reunion attendance lists.

Beatrice Anderson has details about local schools in her scrapbooks.

Check out our old photos of Millburn School.

The first Millburn School building, built in 1920, was "electrified" in 1928.

We have old (1890s) photos of Browe, Dodge, and Hockaday Schools.