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Maps of the
Millburn Area

Directions to Martin's Gen'L Store Museum

On our history pages, we have maps and details about the government land sale in the 1840's.

We have scanned portions of Plat Books, including Plats of Millburn from: 1861, 1873, 1885, 1905, 1926, 1944, and 1954.

You might be able to help us identify these plats from an unknown year. We know that they are after 1910, but have not been able to accurately determine when.

The Onwentsia Hunt Country map, which includes Millburn, shows the ownership of property as it existed in 1925. This rich sportsman's playground was never developed, as the depression spoiled their plans.

We have scanned a portion of a map of the "estate district" of Lake county from 1930, about the same time as the hunt club.

A map of our Historic District is available.

A contemporary map with the bypass marked is available.

Our federal government has spent quite a lot of money to put a mapping database and browser online. If you have some time...well, maybe quite a lot of time (since response is sometimes slow)...you might want to use the TIGER map of Millburn.

Lake County government has an interactive mapping application available online.

Millburn is located at the crossroads found at latitude 42.4253082 and longitude -88.0032501. Happy mapping.