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Country Doctors

(This is a new research project for the association and we'll be posting more content soon.)

We have begun this project by reading the census listings, looking for occupations that describe medical men. Here is what we have found so far:

Physician's NameCensusTownshipDate BirthState of BirthComments
Abbott, Thomas L.1850Warren1816Massachusettsdruggist
Ames, Edmund H.1900AntiochOct. 1845Illinois 
Bingham, Y. W.1870Avon1797Connecticutretired
Boyer, Valentine1870Newport1814Pennsylvania 
Briggs, Albert1850Avon1818New York 
Chase, Warren1870Newport1826OhioPhysician, old school
Darby, Harry C.1880Newport1855EnglandDrug clerk
Dickason, Parley1850 Avon1808Connecticut 
Emmons, Harrison1880Antioch1841New York 
Gage, Leroy D.1850 Antioch1819New York 
Jamison, Homer E.1900NewportAug. 1858Wisconsin 
Karr, Joseph1880Antioch1842Indiana 
Leonard, Homer1880Newport1851Wisconsin 
Lewis, David1850 Antioch1824Ohio 
Rickey, Robert1880Avon1846Wisconsin 
Shaffer, Edward1900AvonJan. 1857Indiana 
Shall, Clinton1870 Avon1825New York 
Steele, Abram1850Warren1780New York 
Taylor, David B.1870Newport1828Ohio 
Teed, Henry1850 Newport1809Canada 
Teed, James (Henry's son)1850Newport1832Canada 
Williams, Roy D.1900AntiochJun. 1875Illinois 
Young, H. O. B.1900WarrenJul. 1873Illinois