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JAN. 1865

Sunday, Jan. 1, 1865
Went out in the country and had a good dinner. There were a lot of girls there and we had a good time.
Friday, Jan. 6, 1865
I was not doing anything today. We were sent out - and drilled a while with the horses and guns.
Saturday, Jan. 7, 1865
Today we hauled wood in our squad and it was very muddy.
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1865
Got paper by mail today from R. Griggs. Nothing going on today.
Thursday, Jan. 12, 1865
On guard today and got three letters. Answered them at night. Nothing occurred today.
Friday, Jan. 13, 1865
Hauled wood for our squad today. There was about two inches of snow on the ground.
Friday, Jan. 20, 1865
Mail came today and I got three letters and answered two of them. Are on guard today.
Sunday, Jan. 22, 1865
Today it rained a little and is rather slippery. George Leber starts home on a furlough. Wrote a letter today.
Saturday, Feb. 4, 1865
Today a lot of us got on a train and me and another fellow went out in the country.
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 1865
I was to a dance last night and had lots of fun and are not very lively today.
Thursday, Feb. 9, 1865
I am on guard today. There was a squad of our men out on a scout and came in last night. Had seven prisoners, killed five.
Friday, Feb. 10, 1865
The mail carrier went down the river last night. There is no news and only a few peace rumors.
Saturday, Feb. 11, 1865
We got the mail today. I got two letters and answered one. I am going to start out on a scout in the morning.
Sunday, Feb. 12, 1865
Started out on a scout this morning and went 25 miles andcamped for the night. We did not see any guerillas today.
Monday, Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, 1865
Started at daylight and went through magnolias and went down to Newportland and burned it down. The guerillas had crossed the river. Had a skirmish with them. The guerillas attacked us in our camp last night at three o'clock in the morning. Wounded one of our men.
Saturday, Feb. 25, 1865
The mail came down the river today. Got a paper. General Thomas and Staff came here today.
Sunday, Feb. 26, 1865
I commenced to cook today. There was three of our boys came back from furlough today.
Friday, Mar. 10, 1854
Today I have been busy drawing rations. The mail came down the river tonight.
Saturday, Mar. 11, 1865
The mail came up today. I got two letters. We got four new guns today, heavy artillery.
Sunday, Mar. 12, 1865
There was an inspection of our muskets today.
Monday, Mar. 13, 1865
There is lots of citizens in camp today. They are taking the oath of allegiance. I wrote a letter today.
Friday, Mar. 17, 1865
There is an inspection today by a Sergeant from Clarkville.
Saturday, Mar. 18, 1865
There is a general inspection today by Col. Lumuz
Saturday, Mar. 25, 1865
Our Captain came back today. He has been to Nashville, and has been promoted to Chief of Artillery.
Tuesday, April 4, 1865
We had a dispatch today stating that Richmond was taken and 13,000 prisoners.
Thursday, April 6, 1865
The mail went down the river today. There was good war news from Richmond today
Wednesday, April 12, 1865
We fired 200 guns today for the surrender of Gen. Lee to Gen. Grant.
Friday, April 14, 1865
We fired 200 guns today in honor of the Flag being raised over Sumter and we heard that Gen. Johnson surrendered to Gen. Sherman.
Saturday, April 15, 1865
We had a general inspection today and there was a telegram dispatch came stating that Abe Lincoln was assasinated.
Sunday, April 16, 1865
Mail came last night. Got two letters. We have not heard the particulars of the death of Abe Lincoln 10 o'clock A.M.
Monday, April 17, 1865
There is not a thing going on today. Everything is in the mourning. I wrote a letter today. They fire half guns all day.
Tuesday, April 18, 1865
The mail came down the river and it reported that Mobile is captured.
Wednesday, April 19, 1865
Today we all marched to headquarters and was a sermon delivered by Chap. Higgi and when he was through speaking, the band played John Brown's soul is Marching on.
Thursday, April 20, 1865
I sent in my requisition for a furlough today. I am guard today.
Saturday, April 29, 1865
Today we was busy shaving most all day. The mail carrier came back today without any mail.
Sunday, April 30, 1865
Today we mustered for six months pay. The mail came down the river today. I got one letter.
Wednesday, May 3, 1865
I am on guard today. There is lots of talk of us being mustered out soon.
Friday, May 12, 1865
There was 25 guerillas came in today and surrendered. They belong to Capt Stones' company. I am on guard today.
Saturday, May 13, 1865
Today we got our furloughs and started home at 10 o'clock P.M.
Sunday, May 14, 1865
We got to Paducak at 8 o'clock and at Cairo at 12 o'clock and had to lay over
Monday, May 15, 1865
We started at 2 o'clock A.M. this morning for Chicago and got there at 12 o'clock P.M.
Tuesday, May 16, 1865
We got to Waukegan at 11 o'clock yesterday. Today I went to Millburn and came home.
Thursday, May 18, 1865
It rained some today. I went to town. There was not much going on
Friday, May 19, 1865
Today I planted corn all day and I went to see Henkle.
Monday, May 22, 1865
I was to Millburn today and we had a dance and we had a very good time.
Tuesday, May 23, 1865
I went to Waukegan today to see the boys of the 95th.

No more entries until..

July 3, 1865
I started from Springfield at 5 o'clock.
Tuesday, July 4, 1865
Arrived in Chicago at 10 o'clock and in Waukegan at 6 o'clock.
Thursday, Aug. 3, 1865
Mustered out of the U.S. Service today at 2 o'clock.
Saturday, Aug. 5, 1865
Paid off today and discharged at 2 o'clock.
Saturday, Sept. 9, 1865
Commenced to work for George Emery today.
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 1865
I was to the State Fair today.

THOMAS STRANG, Fort Daniels, Tenn.