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Editor's Note: The following are excerpted from the Manual for the Millburn Congregational Church, published in 1907.

Millburn Congregational Church

The First Congregational Church of Millburn was organized September, 1841, by Rev Flavel Bascom, acting at the time as agent of the American Home Missionary Society. The following persons constituted the original membership: Wm. Abbott, Eliza F. B. Abbott, Mark Pitman, Jr., Harriet Pitman, Merril Pearson, Lydia Pearson, Robt. Pollock, Elizabeth Pollock, George Trotter, Jane Trotter, Samuel M. Dowst, Mary Thayer, Alex. Kennedy, Abigail Berry.

Samuel Dowst was chosen Deacon and Clerk. Rev. E. G. Howe supplied the congregation a part of the time for two years from that date. He was succeeded by Rev.Lucius Parker, who supplied until July, 1844. At that time Rev. William B. Dodge commenced to supply, and at the close of a year received a call to become their pastor, which he accepted on condition that a house of worship should be built before he was installed. On the 1st of June, 1847, the house was dedicated and the Pastor installed. He continued in that relation until December, 1862 when, at his own request, by advice of council, he was dismissed. Rev. Calvin Selden supplied from January, 1863, until May, 1864. (The foregoing is copied from former Manual.) In September following Rev. Harmon Bross began a pastorate of nearly three years, which was marked by a season of gracious revival, and the erection of a new and much larger house of worship. Since that time the following ministers have served as stated supplies or as pastors: Rev. Thomas Lightbody, Mr. M. L. S. Noyes, Mr. E. B. Payne, Rev. J. H. Parker, Rev. W. B. Millard, Rev. C. M. Bingham, Rev. Jas. M. Campbell, Rev. Victor F. Clark, Rev. N. A. Millard, Rev. S. G. Arnett, Rev. S. A. Harris, Rev. George A. Mitchell, Rev. F. T. Lee, Rev. A. W. Safford, the present incumbent.

The church building now occupied was erected in 1865, remodeled in 1887, and again remodeled in 1905.


Mrs. Jessie M. StrangMrs. Erma Strang
Mrs. A. McCredieMrs. Ione E. Jamieson
Mrs. Sarah L. DodgeMrs. James Pollock
David J. MintoMrs. M. Spafford
Mrs. D. J. MintoWilliam Mitchell
Mrs. George StrangMrs. William Mitchell
Miss H. L. SmithRichard Pantall
John BonnerMrs. Charlotte R. Pantall
William WatsonJames Jamieson
Geo. L. StewartMrs. James Jamieson
Mrs. Geo. L. StewartMrs. Ethel Douglas
Andrew T. WhiteMrs. Florence Gray
Miss Cora WhiteLeola Hughes
Mrs. Mary YuleMrs. Leola Hughes
Mrs. Helen PollockAndrew Thom
George JamiesonWilliam G. Thom
Mrs. Fannie JamiesonMiss Una J. Minto
John McCredieD. Harold Minto
William ChopeMrs. Mildred H. Minto
James H. BonnerMrs. M. Ford
Mrs James H. BonnerGeorge W. Dodge
Mrs. John L. HughesMrs. George W. Dodge
Mrs. Elsie LawrenceEdward Martin
Fred H. HoffmanRalph W. Spafford
Mrs. Fred H. HoffmanLyburn B. Stewart
Peter StrangMrs. Edna M. Pember
Miss Nellie McDougallMrs. Jessie B. Low
Eugene ClarkMrs. Kittie Sherwood
Mrs. Agnes ClarkMiss Lottie Hoffman
Miss Agnes G. Bonner*Mrs. Mary Stewart
Mrs. Elizabeth StewartMrs. Julia Slocum
William Thom, Sr.Mrs. Irene Taylor
Mrs. Helen G. ThomRoy L. Hughes
David M. WhiteMrs. Emma S. Hughes
Mrs. David M. WhiteCharles Colgrove
Miss Annie McCredieMrs. Charles Colgrove
Mrs. Mary BaterMrs. Elizabeth Padgett
Miss Carrie BaterMrs. Ellen Levoy
Dr. L. H. TombaughMrs. Susie Brown
Mrs. L. H. TombaughVivian L. Bonner
Mrs. Margaret WatsonLucy J. Spafford
Mrs. John M. StrangJesse S. Denman
Roy WoodMrs. Minnetta McGuire
William McCredieJeppe Jeppeson
Clarence E. BonnerCharles W. Taylor
James A. ThomMrs. Martie A. Taylor
Mrs. Blanche ThomMargaret J. White
Edwin G. ThomBertha C. White
Mrs. Jennett MatthewsClarence Bock
Richard BroyhillMrs. Alice D. Bock
Elmer J. CannonMabel Irving
Mrs. Elmer J. CannonMrs. Mattie Jamison
James KerrA. W. Safford
Mrs. James KerrMrs. Martaa E. Safford
Vera H. WardenHelen L. Safford
William J. WhiteMiss Clara J. Foote
Mrs. William J. WhiteO. A. Nelson
Lloyd WhiteMrs. O. A. Nelson
Ernest WhiteClara Nelson
Miss Clara GullidgeAlice Nelson
Earl A. WhiteMabel Nelson
C. E. DenmanMabel Bonner
Mrs. C. E. DenmanMaude L. Cleveland