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Biographical Sketch for
Ogston Family

William S. Ogston---+  +--Lutie B.------------+
                    |  |                      |
                    +--+  John G. Bensinger---+
                    |  |
Eliza Pickle--------+  |
                       +--Elsie Eudora--------+
                       |                      |
                       |  Bradford D. Owen----+
                       +--Laura Evelyn--------+
                       |                      |
                       |  James F. King-------+
                       +--Inez Almeda
                       +--Mamie Loraine-------+
                          Eugene E. Smith-----+

Unplaced factoids....
A Mrs. John Bensinger died in Waukegan in May, 1918.

Alexander Ogston died on March 4, 1851, at age 63 years.
His wife Isabella died on April 28, 1865, at age 67 years.

William S. Ogston

Born about 1824 in Scotland. Married Eliza Pickle about September 3, 1853. See tree above for children. Farmer. Possibly a brother of Barbara Ogston.

Eliza Pickle

Born January 6, 1832, in Ogdensburg, New York. Educated at Theresa Academy, Watertown, New York. Came to Lake County in 1852. Married William S. Ogston about September 3, 1853. Died on April 14, 1903, at Ivanhoe, Illinois (obituary).

Children of William S. and Eliza Pickle Ogston

Lutie B.

Also seen first name of Lucy. Born about 1857 in Illinois. Married John G. Bensinger about December 22, 1879. Lived at Ivanhoe, Illinois.

Elsie Eudora

Born about 1859 in Illinois. Married Bradford D. Owen about October 14, 1881. Lived in Iowa.

Laura Evelyn

Born about 1861 in Illinois. School teacher. Married James F. King about August 18, 1883.

Inez Almeda

Born about 1864 in Illinois. Died in April, 1889.

Mamie Loraine

Also seen first name of Mary. Born about 1869 (1872?) in Illinois. Married Eugene E. Smith about October 16, 1888. Lived at Ivanhoe, Illinois.
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