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Biographical Sketch for
Peter Waterbury Family

(unknown) Waterbury--+
                     +--+--Peter Waterbury--+  +--Peter
                     |                      |  |
Sophia---------------+                      +--+--Mary A.
                                            |  |
                           Mary-------------+  +--Joseph
                                               +--John W.

(unknown) Waterbury


Born about 1782 in Germany. See tree above for children.

Children of (Unknown) and Sophia Waterbury


Born in Germany. Cannot determine age from census records, since no convergence. Perhaps born in 1820. Married Mary, whose age we cannot determine from census records, but may have been born in 1830.
Children. Gave land for Waterbury School.

Children of Peter and Mary Waterbury

All born in Illinois.


Born about 1847 in Germany.

Mary A.

Born about 1849 in Illinois.


Born December, 1852, in Illinois.


Born about 1854 in Illinois.

John W.

Born about 1846 in Illinois.


Born August, 1859 (57?), in Illinois. Moved to Superior, Wisconsin. Died in 1912. Buried in Millburn Cemetery. (
photo available)


Born about 1859 in Illinois. Died in March, 1860, at age 6 months.
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