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Biographical Sketch for
Fahrney Family

Dr. Peter Fahrney. Born on February 22, 1840 in Quincy, Pa. Graduated from the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in 1864. Came west and settled at Polo, Illinois, where he established a practice. Moved to Chicago in 1869. Developer and manufacturer of patent medicines in Chicago. Dr. Fahrney bought and then operated a large dairy farm east of Millburn, known as Spring Valley Farm. He was the head of Peter Fahrney & Sons company, manufacturers of proprietary medicines. Resided at 1074 Warren avenue, Chicago. The farm went out of the dairy business in a large auction on January 8, 1901 (sale bill). Children: (a daughter), married P. A. Beachey; Ezra C.; William H.; J. Harvey; E. Homer, arrested in 1903 on a warrant issued in 1900, on a complaint from a "young woman" living near the Fahrney farm,

Myrtle Fahrney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Homer Fahrney. Married Franklin L. Saemann. Divorced Mr. Saemann.

Mary Fahrney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Homer Fahrney. Well known aviatrix and parachutist. Married Hugh Parker Pickering of Chicago, on May 3, 1931 Had son Peter, about 1931. Divorced Hugh Parker Pickering on September 27, 1932, on grounds of cruelty. She waived alimony. Involved in a well publicized romance with Count George di Georgio. The Count was deported to Chile in November, 1933. Married Franklin Van Sands Eiszner on November 10, 1933. For a time, they tried to keep this marriage a secret.

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