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Biographical Sketch for
Merrill Pearson Family

Merrill Pearson---+  +--Alfred
                  |  |
                  |  |
Lydia-------------+  +--Isaac

Merrill Pearson

Also seen spell Piersons. Born about 1806. Married Lydia. Came to Illinois before 1840. Bought land from federal government. First Newport Township town clerk. Founding member of Millburn Congregational Church. Family is not listed in 1860 census. Have lost track of this family. May have moved to Bloomington, Illinois.

Lydia (unknown)

Married Merrill Pearson. Founding member of Millburn Congregational Church. She married Mr. Sherman and was living in Bloomington, Illinois, in 1902.

Children of Merrill and Lydia Pearson


Born about 1834 in New Hampshire.


Born about 1840 in Illinois.


Born about 1844 in Illinois.


Born about 1848 in Illinois.
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