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Biographical Sketch for
McGuire Family

Marks McGuire----+  +--Catherine
                 |  |
                 |  |
Catherine Keef---+  +--Ann
                    +--James---------------+  +--Nellie E.----------+  +--Ray-------------+
                    |                      +--+                     +--+                  |
                    |  Castania (unknown)--+     George A. Harmer---+     Helen M. Cannon-+
                    +--William-------------+  +--Ethel May----------+  +--William Roy
                    |                      +--+                     +--+
                    |  Mina Jane Esty------+  |  William M. Bonner--+  +--J. Harold
                    |                         |
                    |                         +--infant daughter
                    |                         |
                    |                         +--William Guy--------+  +--Ralph D.
                    |                                               +--+
                    |                            Minetta B. Denman--+  +--Ethel
                    +--John----------------+  +--John Chase---------+
                                           +--+                     |
                       Margaret Fink Minto-+  |  Olga Richart-------+
                                              +--Margaret Frances---+
                                                 Frank L. Newell----+

Unplaced facts:
T. McGuire married Minnie Crawford, who died in Ellsworth, MN

Florence McGuire of Waukegan is a niece of William

William's sister Hannah Dwyer died at Rockford in April, 1908

Iva McGuire is a cousin of Ethel May.

John McGuire died May, 1928, of cerebral hemorrhage

Marks McGuire

First name might be Marcus. Born about 1817 in Scotland. Married Catherine Keef. See tree above for children.

Catherine Keef

Born about 1815 in Ireland. Married Marks McGuire.

Children of Marks and Catherine Keef McGuire


Born about 1841 in Illinois.


Born about 1845 in Illinois.


Born about 1846 (July 15, 1850?) in Benton Township, Illinois. Married Castania (unknown last name) about 1874. She was born in June, 1852, in New York.
Children. James may have died on May 10, 1928, in Waukegan.


Middle name might be Guy. Born on June 23, 1852, in Illinois. Married Mina Jane Esty about November 14, 1879. She was born on November 17, 1856, in Illinois, the daughter of William (born about 1839, in Mass.) and Phoebe Esty. She died about June 14, 1906, and is buried in Warren Cemetery.
Children. Died on September 14, 1928, after suffering a paralytic stroke. He was seventy-six years old (obituary).


First name might be Marcus. Born about 1854 (1852?) in Illinois. Worked as a farm hand on Abner Spafford's farm. Died on August 6, 1901, at age 46 years 4 months and 28 days.


Born in May, 1855, possibly in Iowa or Illinois. Worked on Hockaday's farm. Married
Margaret Fink Minto about January 19 (17?), 1883. She was born on April 3, 1862. She died on April 6, 1885 (obituary). Children. Died November 2, 1911, at age 61 at Hickory, Illinois.

Children of James and Castania McGuire

Nellie E.

Also known as Eleanor. Born about 1874 in Illinois. Married George A. Harmer about November 9, 1896. Children: Ray, born about 1897, married
Helen M. Cannon about November 5, 1918, daughter born November 12, 1919.

Children of William and Mina Jane Esty McGuire

Ethel May

Born April 27, 1889, at Warren Township, Illinois. Church organist. Married
William Murrie Bonner on November 16, 1911. Children: William Roy; J. Harold. She died October 19, 1978 (obituary).

Glennie Maud

Born on July 24, 1880. Died on May 8, 1881.

William Guy

Born in 1883. Died May 28, 1914, at age 31, in Millburn. Married Minetta Bell Denman on November 15, 1905. Children: Ralph D., may have been born June 22, 1911, married Evelyn Miller, moved to Rhinelander, Wisconsin (photos available: 1932 and 1945); Ethel, married Lloyd Atwell (photos available: 1926, 1932, and 1945).

Children of John and Margaret Fink Minto McGuire

John Chase

Born on November 29, 1883. Raised by Uncle James after death of mother. Married Olga Richart about February 11, 1913. Lived at Hickory, Illinois.

Margaret Frances

Also known as Maggie. Born April 1, 1885. Raised by Uncle James after death of her mother. Married Frank Lyman Newell on November 25, 1903, at Hickory. He was born in November, 1878, in Wisconsin, the son of Thomas Lyman (born 1838, in Goshen, Hampshire, MA) and Malvina Brown Newell.
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