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Biographical Sketch for
James Low Family

James Low-----------+  +--Samuel A.
                    |  |
                    |  |
Isabella Taylor-----+  +--John
                       +--James E.
                       +--Isaac M.

James Low

Born about 1820 in Scotland. Married Isabella Taylor on April 11, 1845. Bought land from federal government. Lived here 11 years, moved to Gurnee and then Waukegan, Ill. Was a drover. Died .

Isabella Taylor

Born March 10, 1822 in New Byth, Scotland. Married James Low on April 11, 1845. Children: see tree above. Member Millburn Church Sewing Circle 1857. Died October 4, 1897 (obituary). (photo available)

Children of James and Isabel Low

Samuel A.

Born about 1847 in Ill. Moved to Hyde Park.


Born about 1849 in Ill. Moved to Evanston, Ill.

James E.

Born about 1853 in Illinois. Married Ella S. Barker. She was born about 1856 in New York. Moved to Evanston, Ill.

Isaac M.

Born about 1855 in Illinois. Moved to Colorado Springs.
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