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Biographical Sketch for
John D. Irving Family

                    +--Thomas A.------------------+
                    |                             |
                    |  Martha J. (unknown)--------+
John D. Irving---+  +--Elizabeth------------------+  +--Thomas
                 |  |                             +--+
                 +--+  John Purves Trotter--------+  +--Jane
                 |  |
Caroline Bruner--+  |
                    +--John L.--------------------+
                    |                             |
                    |  Madeline Ruhl--------------+
                    +--Mabel----------------------+  +--Carlyn E.
                    |                             +--+--Willie L.
                    |  Cy W. Patton---------------+  +--Brown
                    |                                +--Cy W.
                    |                                +--John Warren
                    |                                +--Leon L.
                    +--Sarah Ann------------------+  +--Garold W.
                    |                             +--+--Russell I.
                    |  Frank J. Sevey-------------+  +--Henry John
                    |                             |
                    |  Mr. Summer-----------------+
                    +--Carrie Irene---------------+  +--John C.
                    |                             +--+--Elaine
                    |  Harrison Fletcher Shirley--+  +--Ruth
                    +--Jennie---------------------+  +--Phyllis F.
                    |                             +--+
                    |  Frank C. Salisbury---------+  +--Richard K.
                    +--Irma S.--------------------+
                    |                             +--+--Leonore
                    |  Albert J. Schmidt----------+
                    +--Vera L.--------------------+
                    |                             +--+--George
                    |  George L. Ryckman----------+
                    |                             +--+--John D.
                    |  Carrie (unknown)-----------+
                                                  +--+--Kennith L.
                       Ethel N. (unknown)---------+

John D. Irving

Born on April 14, 1853, at Kenosha, Wisconsin. Son of Thomas A. and Mrs. Irving. Married Caroline Bruner on January 27, 1876, at Essex County, Ontario, Canada. See tree above for children. Farmed near Antioch. Was living at Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, during 1880 census. Died on January 18, 1927, at age 73 years (obituary).

Caroline Bruner

Born in March, 1858, in Canada. Married John D. Irving on January 27, 1876, at Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Died about June 16, 1933, in Waukegan (obituary).

Children of John D. and Caroline Bruner Irving

Thomas A.

Born about July, 1877, in Wisconsin. Married Martha J. (unknown). Hurt by buzz saw in 1908. Died during the summer of 1926 in South Dakota.


Known as Liza and Lizzie. Might be Jane Elizabeth or Elizabeth Jane. Born on February 10, 1880 (at Millburn?). Married
John Purves Trotter on February 18, 1903, in the Millburn Congregational Church. Children. Moved to Junius, South Dakota, by train in 1908. Died on May 4, 1933, and buried at Madison, South Dakota.

John L.

Born on December 13, 1883, in Wisconsin. Married Madeline Ruhl about April 24, 1912. She died in 1973. Lived in Wadsworth. Died on December 1, 1975, at age 91 years.


Might be Mary Mabel or Mabel Mary. Born in February, 1885, in Wisconsin. Married Cy W. Patten on May 17, 1911. Moved to Amarillo, Texas. Children: Carlyn (Caroline?) E., born about 1912; Willie L., born about 1914; Brown (a boy), born about 1916; Cy W., Jr., born about 1917; John Warren, born about 1918; Leon L., born about 1921.

Sarah Ann

Known as Sadie. Born in February, 1887, in Wisconsin. Married Frank J. Sevey, of Silver Lake, on January 15, 1907. Moved to Kenosha. Children: Garold W., born about 1911, became telephone operator for Wisconsin Gas Company; Russell I., born about 1913; Henry John, born about 1917. Frank was a foreman at the Ice House.


Known as Belle. Born in October, 1889, in Illinois. Married Mr. Summer (Summers?). Moved to Medford, Oregon. Moved to McAllen, Texas.

Carrie Irene

Born in August, 1891, in Illinois. Married Harrison Fletcher Shirley on March 19, 1913. Moved to Junnis (Junius?), South Dakota. Children: John C., born March 22, 1914, became a chandler, died September 8, 1996, at Sioux Falls, SD; Elaine, born about 1916; Ruth, born about 1919. Married (possibly) Mr. Dixon.


Born in April, 1893, in Illinois. Taught school at Madison, South Dakota, during 1915. Married Frank C. Salisbury. Moved to Waukegan, Illinois. Children: Phyllis, born about 1921; Richard K., born about 1924. Frank was a gun smith.

Irma S.

Born in August, 1899, in Illinois. Married Albert J. Schmidt at noon on September 19, 1919, at the bride's home. Moved to Waukegan. Children: Leonore, born about 1921. Married Mr. Vanneman. Died on August 4, 1969, in Waukegan.

Vera L.

Born February 5, 1894, in Illinois. Married George L. Ryckman at noon on June 21, 1919, at the home of her parents. Moved to Waukegan, where Mr. Ryckman was a fireman. Children: George, born on November 11, 1920, died on April 18, 1990. Died in October, 1972, at Wadsworth, IL.


Possibly known as Max. Born on January 18, 1896, in Russell, Illinois. Moved to Antioch in 1919. Married Carrie Anderson on March 14, 1922. Children: John Donald, born on January 3, 1929; Glenn. Died on June 26, 1972, at Antioch, IL (

Warren A.

Born on February 2, 1901. Married Ethel N. (unknown). Moved to Waukegan. Was a metal polisher. Children: Kennith L., born about 1929. Moved to Kenosha. Died in November, 1980, at Kenosha, WI.
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