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Biographical Sketch for
George Simpson Smith Family

George Simpson Smith---+  +--Margaret--------------+  +--William Smith------+
| | | |---+--- Dorothy---------+
| | | | |----+--Mary Frances
| | | Wife ?-------------+ Rodney M. Bliss-+
| | |
| | +--+--John
| | +--+--George Grant-------+
| | | |----
| | | Marion Peak---------+
| | |
| | Thomas Mason----------+--+--Lucy---+
| | |----
| | Frederick P. Vose--+
+--+--George | | Beatrice (Betsy) Yule-----+--John Yule-------------+
| |
| Louise Smart----------+
+--Christian | +--James | +--Ruby Ann--------------+ +--Beatrice
| +--+
| Victor Rossbach-------+ +--James C.
+--Mabel Mae-------------+
| |
| John Nelson Mills-----+
+--Mary------------------+ +--George
| +--+--Maisie
| Sir George Cooper-----+ +--Alistair
+--((one unknown sibling))

George Simpson Smith

Read biographical sketch written in 1877.

Born March 25, 1822, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Son of John Smith and Christina Patterson (a/k/a Christian Paterson). They were married on November 9, 1819, at Old Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland. Youngest of six children. Others were: (unknown); (unknown); Isabel, christened on April 25, 1821, at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; James, christened on September 24, 1823, at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; died about 1877; daughter Christian, christened on August 23, 1825, at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Came to Lake County in 1843. Bought land from federal government. Married Beatrice Yule in 1845. See tree above for children. Sold the farm and moved to Evanston about 1893. Died on Sunday, September 26, 1897, at Evanston, Illinois (obituary).

Beatrice Yule

Born January 26, 1827 (1828?), at Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Married George Simpson Smith in 1845. See details in parent's sketch. Died March 20 (21?), 1910, in Evanston, Illinois. Buried in Millburn Cemetery. (photo available: 1900).

Children of George Simpson and Beatrice Smith


Born about 1844. Married Thomas (William?) Mason about January 27, 1866. He was born about 1836 in New York. Children. Margaret and Thomas both died about 1873. Their children were raised by her parents.

George A.

Born about 1846. Farmer. First wife died. Married Harriet Pratt. Moved to Champaign County, Ill.

John Yule

Also known as Jack. Born February 22, 1850, in Millburn. Married Louise Smart on August 25, 1878. Moved to North Bend, Nebraska, where he took part in the stock and grain business of the country. Associated with firm of Smith and Mallon, importer of Clydesdale stock, and other interests. Moved to Buenos Ayres, South America. Fugitive in Lake County, for jumping bail bonds. Died in 1937.



Also known as "Silent" Smith of Wall Street. Born about 1855. Thought to be a morose loner by playmates. Moved to Brooklyn, New York. Received a large inheritance. Principal of Geddes and Smith, brokers. Married the (divorced) Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart on September 13, 1906, at Alvie, Invernesshire, Scotland. She was born Annie Armstrong, daughter of General John A. Armstrong, of Baltimore. Left large estate. Read details of marriage, death, and fight over estate. Died in Kioto, Japan, on March 26, 1907; possibly of cancer.

Ruby Ann

Born on April 11, 1863. Married Victor A. Rossbach in 1894. Children: Beatrice; James C. Died on March 18, 1951, in Los Angeles, California.

Mabel Mae

Born about 1866. Married John Nelson Mills of Evanston, Illinois. Children: daughter, born January, 1902. Mr. Mills was a Presbyterian minister at Evanston, Illinois. Mabel was thought to be lost at sea in 1928 (read coverage).


Married Sir George Cooper. Became Lady Mary Smith Cooper of Hursley Park, England. Children: George; Maisie; Alistair.
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