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Biographical Sketch for
David Hughes Family

The Hughes family maintains a large and current biographical sketch volume for all descendants of John H. Hughes parents. We have tried a number of times to contact the parties which maintain that work for permission to reproduce entries for our Hughes family without success.

                                              George L. Stewart---+
David Hughes----+  +--Jane--------------+  +--Alice Margaret------+
| | | | |
+--+ +--+ Arthur L. Fox-------+
| | | |
Margaret Lloyd--+ | Andrew T. White---+ +--Cora Sarah
| |
| +--David George
+--Margaret----------+ +--Mary Emma
| | +--Sarah Margaret
| +--+--David William
| | +--Jessie Myrtle
| Nelson J. Pullen--+
+--Mary--------------+ +--Lloyd Johnstone------+
| | | |
| +--+ Lillie Pearl Watson--+
| | |
| William J. White--+ +--William Ernest-------+
| |
| Hazel Margaret Thain-+
+--John Lloyd--------+ +--Roy Linden-----------+
| | | |
| | | Emma May Spafford----+
| | |
| Eliza Jane Strang-+--+--Lloyd Monteith
| |
| +--Robert Guy-----------+
| | |
| | Gussie Zoe Thain-----+
| |
| +--Maude Nina-----------+
| | |
| | Frank B. Kennedy-----+
| |
| +--David Carlton--------+
| | |
| | Maud Miller----------+
| |
| +--Marjorie Pearl
+--Hugh David--------+ +--Smith Yule
| |
+--+--Harold Demott
| |
Jesse Ann Yule----+ +--Kenneth Reece
+--Alexander Gibbon
+--Ruby Beatrice
+--Mabel Lloyd

David Hughes

Born February, 1816, in Llangadfan, Montgomeryshire, North Wales. Left Wales on April 27, 1839, traveling with parents, settling in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. Brother of John H. Hughes. Married Margaret Lloyd on October 16, 1841, at Ebensburg. She was the daughter of John and Jane Tibbot Lloyd. Came to Lake County via the Great Lakes to farm in 1844. See tree above for children. Died August 11, 1865, at age 48.

Margaret Lloyd

Born in Cambria County, Pennsylvania in 1811. Married David Hughes on October 16, 1841. Came to Lake County in the spring of 1844. Moved from the family farm to Millburn. Died October 4, 1878, at age 67 years 6 months and 13 days (obituary). (photo available: 1870).

Children of David and Margaret Lloyd Hughes

View a family group photograph taken in 1891.


Born November 15, 1843 (1842?) at Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. Married Andrew T. White on November 15, 1865. Children. School teacher. Farmed at Loon Lake. Moved to Grayslake, Illinois. Died February 18, 1925. (photo available: 1886)


Born May 25, 1845. Married Nelson J. Pullen on October 22, 1864, at Antioch. Children: Mary Emma, married Mr. Drom; Sarah Margaret, married Charles Harrison; David William; Jessie Myrtle, married Mr. Webb. Moved to Iowa, then relocated to Minnesota. Returned to Lake County, being away only twelve years. Died April 17, 1924, at her home in Antioch (obituary).


Born October 19, 1847, at Millburn, Ill. Married William Johnstone White on December 7, 1876. Children. School teacher. First woman licensed undertaker in Lake County. Moved to Waukegan about 1916. Died October 22, 1933, at age 86 (obituary). (photo available: 1890).

John Lloyd

Born September 21, 1850. Married Eliza Jane Strang on March 19, 1874. Children Farmed until 1906, when they moved to Libertyville. Died November 4, 1914.

Hugh David

Born April 24, 1853. Married Jessie Ann Yule on April 3, 1878. Children. Farmer, aggressively implementing new technology. Remarried, to Hattie F. Ames. Moved to Lynn Haven, Florida. Died in March of 1940.

Children of John Lloyd and Eliza Jane Strang Hughes

Roy Linden

Born on August 10, 1875, at Antioch, Illinois. Married Emma May Spafford on June 23, 1906, at Maywood, Illinois. Moved to Peru, Illinois. Died on October 8, 1955, at Peru, Illinois.

Lloyd Monteath

Born on December 1, 1877. Died in 1878, at Antioch, Illinois.

Robert Guy

Born on March 1, 1879. Married Gussie Zoe Thain on October 3, 1906. Children: Gordon Thain, born August 12, 1907, at Millburn, married Florence Jones Randall on November 22, 1932, worked at Johnson motors for 37 years, retiring in 1972, died on November 10, 1992, at Waukegan; Oliver Russell, born March 12, 1909, at Millburn, married Doris Brumfield on May 21, 1930, at Woodstock, Illinois; Elizabeth Louise, born on October 14, 1911, at Millburn, married Russell William Stern on October 5, 1944, at Waukegan; Gertrude Avis, born on April 20, 1915, married William Edward Christian Petersen on December 31, 1931, at Woodstock, Illinois, died in 1974; George Monteath, born on May 21, 1926, died on May 26, 1926. Died on December 17, 1959, at Millburn, Illinois.

Maude Mina

Born on October 27, 1881. Married Frank B. Kennedy on February 12, 1903. Children: Roy G., moved to Orlando, Florida; Richard H., moved to Baltimore, Maryland; Harold F., moved to Evergreen Park. Retired from farming and moved to Waukegan in 1937. Died on May 30, 1959, at Waukegan, Illinois (obituary).

David Carleton

Known as Carl. Born on June 14, 1891, at Antioch, Illinois. Married Maud Miller on November 11, 1911, at Libertyville. Lived west of Millburn on property known as the "Tulip Farm". Died on December 7, 1976.

Marjory (Marjorie?) Pearl

Born on March 15, 1895. Did not marry. Missionary in India. Died on December 28, 1936, at Darjeeling, India. (photo available: 1915).

Children of Hugh David and Jessie Ann Yule Hughes

Smith Yule

Born on February 22, 1880. Educated by Smith relatives at University of Illinois. Moved to Milwaukee. (photo available: 1898).

Harold Demott

Born on January 16, 1882. Educated by Smith relatives at University of Illinois. Married Lulu Lego on October 14, 1908. Moved to Ames, Iowa. Children: (daughter), married Mr. Harper McKee and lived in New York. Harper McKee's father was the Dean of Frances Shimer Academy (Mt. Carroll, IL), where sisters Ruby and Mabel were educated.

Kenneth Reece

Born on March 14, 1884. Educated by Smith relatives at Lake Forest Academy and University of Illinois. Suffered from Rheumatic Fever while a student at Lake Forest Academy. 

Alexander Gibbon

Born on February 25, 1888. Educated by Smith relatives at University of Illinois.

Ruby Beatrice

Born on December 3, 1889. Middle name was after Beatrice Yule Smith. Educated by Smith relatives at Frances Shimer Academy (Mt. Carroll, IL) and Western University (Oxford, OH). Ruby was sent to Frances Shimer Academy, a boarding school where other relatives were in attendance, when her mother died. Married Dr. John Tothill and lived in Fredericton, Canada. Moved to the Fiji Islands (Suva), where husband John was with the Brirish Colonial Service studying the Levuana Moth, a pest destroying their coconut trees. Dr. Tothill became Director of Agriculture for Uganda and they moved to Lake Victoria, Africa. Ruby and John retired to Scotland. Children: Son Thomas and Daughter ?. Daughter later lived in Scotland and was temporarily stationed with her husband in East Africa. Ruby died in 1966.

Mabel Lloyd

Born on May 21, 1897. Attended Oakland School and educated by Smith relatives at Frances Shimer Academy (Mt. Carroll, IL), and Western College (Oxford, OH). Her mother, Jessie Ann Yule Hughes, died when she was 6 years old. The White neighbors helped care for Mabel after her mother died.

Note: We have a wonderful book in the museum about this family called People Behind You (1956) by Ruby Hughes Tothill as well as a book about the descendants of Hugh Hughes.
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