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Biographical Sketch for
Benjamin F. Stedman Family

Benjamin F. Stedman---+  +--Benjamin F.-------+
                      |  |                    |
                      +--+  Bessie Lewin------+
                      |  |
Hannah Little Dodge---+  +--William Dodge-----+  +--George
                         |                    +--+--Frank
                         |  Ella M. Smith-----+  +--Benjamin
                         |                       +--((three daughters))
                         |                    |
                         |  Edgar Nettleton---+
                         +--Luther S.

Benjamin F. Stedman

Read biographical sketch written in 1877.

Born about 1803 in Salem, Mass. (tombstone says 1812). Came to Lake County in 1842. Married Hannah Little Dodge about December 02, 1844. See tree above for children. Held office of road commissioner. Painter. Artist. Died 1860 (tombstone says 1880, church records say March 27, 1886 elsewhere says April 27, 1881 at 67 years 7 months 5 days)

Hannah Little Dodge

Born about 1819 in Mass. Ninth child of William Bradford Dodge. Died May 25, 1884.

Children of Benjamin F. and Hannah Little Dodge Stedman

Benjamin F.

Born December 12,1846. Married
Bessie Lewin about January 23, 1869. Died January 12, 1934, in the District of Columbia.

William Dodge

Born July 29, 1848. Married Ella M. Smith about May 11, 1871. Carpenter. Children: George Vernon, born about 1873, moved to DeKalb, Illinois; Frank, born about 1875; Benjamin, born about 1879; ((three daughters)). Family moved to Elgin, Illinois, about 1881. Died on February 14, 1911 (obituary).


May also be known as Clarissa. Born about 1850. Married Edgar Nettleton, of Bristol, Conn. School teacher. Missionary teacher at Woodbine, Kentucky, under auspices of American Missionary Association.

Luther S.

Born in 1853.
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