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Biographical Sketch for
Beatrice Anderson

Her parents, George and Jessie Bonner Low were married in Millburn in her Aunt Elsie's house. This house had been given to Aunt Elsie by Dr. Taylor of Millburn.

After attending Yorkhouse school, Beatrice became a school teacher. She taught at Big Hollow, Town Line, Yorkhouse, and in 1921 came to Millburn School, where she taught for three years.

In 1919 she married Clifford Pearce and moved to Millburn where they purchased the Jake Strang home. Clifford died in 1921. In 1924, Beatrice married Carl Anderson. Together they became leading members of the community. Carl died on January 25, 1955.

Beatrice was very active in church work. She was the Millburn Church clerk for thirty-one years, from 1951 until 1982. She was a founding member of the Bible Study Group in 1955. She was active in the Social Club, being secretary from 1956-60.

She was active in the community, at one time as a member of the Millburn School Board of Education.

In the Millburn (Church) Messenger, Vol. 32 No. 5, Pastor McPeek said

"Every church has at least one Grand Lady - a person whose wisdom and wit, generosity and dedication is an inspiration to everyone. At Millburn we are fortunate to have several women who qualify for that title. Certainly, Beatrice Anderson, leader, worker, historian, and inspiration qualifies for our title of first grand lady and gracious friend."

Beatrice passed away on February 26, 1985. (obituary).

More photos: 1914, 1950.

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