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Biographical Sketch for
Abraham Griggs Family

Abraham Griggs--+  +--Elizabeth-----------+
                |  |                      +--((see Hockaday sketch))
                +--+  John Hockaday-------+
                |  |
Hannah Baker----+  +--Samuel--------------+  +--Richard B.
                                          |  |
                                          |  |
                     Susan Strang---------+  +--Margaret
                                             +--John S.

Abraham Griggs

Born 1782 in England. Married Hannah Baker. See tree above for children. Farmer. Died 1859.

Hannah Baker

Born 1786. Married Abraham Griggs. Died in 1852.

Children of Abraham and Hannah Baker Griggs

Elizabeth Griggs

Born in Devonshire, England, about 1808. Married
John Hockaday on January 24, 1830. Children. Died August 06, 1878, at age 70 years, 3 months.


Born 1823 in England. Married Susan Strang. Children:. Farmer. Later a whitewasher in Waukegan. Died November 29, 1884.

Children of Samuel and Susan Strang Griggs


Born July 30, 1848. Married Addie Williams on October 11, 1877. No children. Organized Baraboo Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Died June 10, 1935, in Baraboo, Wis.


Born 1850. Died 1850.


Born 1851. Married Mr. Hopkinson. Children: Charles S; Verna; Lulu. Died Deptember, 1892, in Sterling, Ill.

John S.

Born November 1854. Married Eliza Faivre in 1880. Children: Frank S., born July 10, 1882. Scribe. Moved to Waukegan. Died December 29, 1914, in Baraboo, Wis.
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