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Old store records

We have store journals for customer purchases, cash and on credit.

We have Millburn's postmark, from when this store was also the post office. Letters mailed from Millburn would have their stamps canceled with this rubber stamp. We have several envelopes containing this mark. (Circle containing Millburn inside at top, Ill inside at bottom, and the date in the middle. Examples are from 1885 and 1886. Quality does not permit reproduction on the web, sorry!)

We have receipts. One for Mrs. Pantell's Newspaper subscription in 1876.

We have sales bills from 1905 and 1921.

We've collected records from several other Millburn enterprises, including the local phone companies from the turn of the century thru the thirties.

We have some property tax receipts, for taxes paid by Millburn residents.

Though not exactly a store record, we do have a reproduction of the Lewis Pe-Ko Clock that hung in Martin's Store.