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Newspaper Clippings for
January, 2004

loose clipping, source unknown 22 January 2004
Notice is hereby given that Design Approval has been received for the proposed improvement of the Millburn Road structure over North Mill Creek. The project is located 1/2 mile east of U.S. Route 45 Road in Lake County. The proposed improvement is about 600 feet In length.
The proposed improvement will consist of constructing a new structure over North Mill Creek and short roadway approaches. The new bridge will consist of a 40 ft roadway and a 10 ft bike path. The new approach surface will be two 12 ft lanes in width with 8 foot shoulders. The road will remain open to one lane of traffic during construction. Construction is anticipated in Fall 2004.
Information pertinent to the location and design of the improvement is available for inspection at the office of the Lake County Engineer, Mr. Martin Buehler, Director, Lake County Department of' Transportation, 600 West Winchester Road, Libertyville, Illinois 60048.
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