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Newspaper Clippings for
June, 2001

from the Lake County Update 7 June 2001
News for Abbott Lake County employees
Abbott sells 467 acres
to Lake County Forest Preserve
On May 18 Abbott sold 467 acres of the largest remaining unprotected woodland in Lake County to the Lake County Forest Preserve. The land is located south of Rt. 173 between Rt. 45 and Crawford Road in Antioch and Newport Townships.
The property is home to many streams, a 170-acre oak-hickory woodland, wetland, prairies and 60-acre Rasmussen Lake.
The preserve will be named Ethel's Woods, after Ethel Untermyer who led the charge to establish a Forest Preserve District in Lake County.
The 281-acre Raven Lake Farm and 75-acre Timber Lake Forst preserves combine with Ethel's Woods to encompass more than 823 acres of contiguous preserve in Northern Lake County.
"The 467 acres were part of more than 1,000 acres Abbott owns in the area for future expansion," said Tom Hahn, district leader of Land Preservation for the Lake County Forest Preserve. "I think residents will be grateful for the chance to use this land."
The Lake County Forest Preserve district planning department will establish a master plan for Ethel's Woods that will one day lead to walking trails through the land and around Rasmussen Lake, as well as management of the woodlands and wetlands.
For more information about Ethel's Woods, please call the Forest Preserve district planning department at 968-3266.
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