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Newspaper Clippings for
November, 1993

from the pages of the Pioneer Press 18 November 1993
Developer to reveal plan
A developer is asking Lake County to rezone 138 acres on Lindenhurst's doorstep. Village officials made plans Monday to attend a public hearing on the matter Dec. 6. If the village objects to the development plan, the rezoning would require a favorable vote from ¾ of County Board members.
The site, formerly called Bonnie Brae Farm, is on the east side of U.S. Route 45 about a mile north of Grand Avenue. "My suspicion is that this will be a very high density development," said Mayor Paul Baumunk. "Five or six years ago, the same owner approached the village." The property is held in a land trust. The site is in the service area for a sewage treatment plant the county would build in the future.
One of the trustees called the development proposal "the first of many dominoes."
"It's unfair to us," said Trustee Kris Volodka. "We have been trying to attract commercial to the area."
The prospective developer, Madison Realty Group, will present the plans in a public hearing at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 6 at the Warren-Newport Public Library, 224 N. O'Plaine Road, Gurnee.
According to Sheel Yajnik of the county planning department, the land is zoned for five-acre homesites. The developer is requesting zoning that would allow six units per buildable acre.
Yajnik explained that buildable land is determined after subtracting natural protection areas, wetlands, woodlands and any other unbuildable land.
The only sewer service available to the area, she said, would be the limited capacity remaining in the count's sewage treatment plant in Grandwood Park and that is on a first come, first served basis. There are no other developers vying for that capacity at the moment, she said. The prospective developer wants zoning for residential and compatible uses, said Yajnik, which she expects will be explained in the public hearing.
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