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Newspaper Clippings for
September, 1990

from Pioneer Press, 27 September, 1990
Old Mill Creek Plan concerns neighbor towns
A development plan of Tempel Farms' sprawling property
has the neighboring communities
of Millburn and Lindenhurst interested.
By Barbara Bell, Staff Writer
A comprehensive plan being prepared by the Village of Old Mill Creek is a concern to Lindenhurst and Millburn.
Old Mill Creek is developing a plan with Tempel Farms, home of the Lippizzan stallions. Most of Tempel Farms' land lies in Old Mill Creek. In addition, the corrridor of U.S. 45 and IL 173 is being studied.
Officials from Lindenhurst, Millburn, Antioch and Wadsworth have been invited to participate in the planning. But Kris Volodka, chairwoman of the Lindenhurst Plan Commission said at the first meeting a few weeks ago, she was not allowed to look at the plan being developed. Volodka said she will insist at a meeting tonight to view the plan.
Lindenhurst is interested in cooperating on future planning, Volodka said, but she needs more information, "I don't know where they're coming from," she added.
Millburn is an Illinois historic district along U.S. 45. As Lake County grows, pressure is expected to increase for U.S. 45 to be widened to four lanes. Millburn residents don't want U.S. 45 to be four lanes through the community.
Paul Koppen, chairman of the Old Mill Creek Planning Committee, said the goal is to prevent undesirable development. By working with neighboring communities, future developments may complement each other, he said.
Koppen added there is "no way" U.S. 45 will remain two lanes, and the committee would propose a detour around Millburn.
Millburn is on the National Register of Historic Landmarks, and that should prevent U.S. 45 from being widened to four lanes through the community, said Dorothy Fettinger, chairwoman of the Historic Millburn Community Association Inc. But Fettinger said the people of Millburn are not convinced U.S. 45 will not be widened through the community. "What the government giveth, the government taketh away," she said.
Another concern is that Millburn will end up being split in half between Lindenhurst and Old Mill Creek.
Millburn is not an incorporated village.
Fettinger said Millburn residents are trying to plan for Lake County's future growth. "If you don't plan far enough, you have no alternative as to what occurs," she said.
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